S1- S2K

Wow :exploding_head:

The boys pulled out all the stops to get it back and screwed together for it’s first track outing since 2016! Took it to anglesey, unfortunately i couldn’t make it but the car made it back in one piece, only casualty being a broken SC impeller which obviously stopped play, will be adding some finishing touches to the map with a live session and fitting the dash panels before the next TD at silverstone in november…


Everything about this car is superb.

Any idea what caused the failure?

not sure, it’s been off the road since 2016, could just have been age related, however Rotrex do a single piece input shaft that’s stronger, TTS have one on the shelf so that will hopefully be that.

Wow, after so long outof commission, that’s a great result. As Andy said: “Superb”

Looks great.
Is your airbox sealed from the roof intake all the way to the supercharger inlet?
We had all sorts of weird things going on when we did a similar thing - discovered it was pre compressor pressures going way high, when off throttle high at speed, especially during gearchanges. It did all sorts of nasty/expensive things to the turbo, aero and bodywork!!
Vent added to airbox and all resolved.


Well john maybe luckily because the roof wasn’t quite far forward enough when it was moved forward 10mm we automatically have an airgap between the airbox and bulkhead.have sent your thoughts to darren and ben.

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Just look at that.

I am sure I have seen this car at Blyton a good few years back.

I would love a S1 with a supercharged k in it.

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#So after removal and refit of the pedal box there was a surprising amount of flex when the brake pedal was pushed, not ideal! Darrens solution, add Billet! there are 3 braces, now removed to be anodised.

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If you know, you know :wink:

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Dash brackets glued in, dash back in, will be fitting carbon pieces instead of the oe panels, cill protection stickers fitted along with no step stickers, couple of pics outside Silverstone :slight_smile: