S1- S2K

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while…

Stripped the car down…

And get some S2k wishbones and bearing packs…

New driveshafts…

The uprights are with Ollie at Phoenix having 5 mm machines off the fronts and some brackets made for the AP 4 pots.

I have new AP 308 discs and a couple of sets of team dynamics on the way too. Wishbones are currently at the powder coaters, not being done black :wink:

Once it’s all bolted back together it’s off to TTS fir a significant power increase :wink:


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Sounds interesting - what’s the main reason for the change?

Who are TTS?

Ability to run the bigger and easier to change bearing packs being the biggest benefit.
TTS is where my engineer friend Darren works, they are Honda and Rotrex specialists :wink:

Clam off…

Clean up the chassis…

looks good…

definitely does - did you use anything special to clean the chassis?

I used some degreaser, and some autosol with very fine wet and dry paper. Will spray some acf-50 on it all too before reassembly.

what is acf50?

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search for it on seloc - it went through a craze there as the must have accessory - even persuaded me!

thanks to ollie at phoenix i now have my s2 K modified uprights back complete with brackets to take 2 pot brakes on the rear…

What is your plan for the handbrake?

Retain the original calipers.

Not an “elegant” solution, if you don’t mind me saying, Marc. Seen it on another car…

Nope not elegant, the standard rears are ugly buggers already!!

Handbrakes are for girls!!!

This is my plan until I can find a suitable small reliable handbrake caliper and get a bracket fabricated for it.
I realise it is not very attractive and you still have the weight of the caliper there but having an S2 with ABS means I can’t run easily run hydrolic handbrake

get some carbon wheel chocks made instead? No? ah well

Nice idea just a bit awkward at traffic lights :wink:

Hydraulic handbrake wont affect the ABS matey.