Zoomtastic Mota, mate!

Just had the pleasure of being Russ’s first passenger in his [color:“red”] Honda [/color] powered Exige. Absolutely brilliant transplant Car ticks over at a steady 700rpm, it even pulls strongly in sixth gear from 30mph, but the acceleration through the gears is just plain phenomenal. All seems “normal” until about 5500rpm, then the VTEC kicks in & all hell is let loose

Can’t wait to see the combo of Russ & car in action at a trackday

whats she putting out and who did the conversion???

In excess of 220 Mike, with more to come when the ECU is sorted, and the boys at Blink did it for me.

must be fantastic - I know someone who was looking into this - do they have a demo - where are they based???

Watch that license!

Congrats Russ - sounds the absolute dogs - wait well worthwhile then? - hope you’re takin’ care with running in

Nice one Russ
Do keep us all posted of everything that happens with it

Well done Russ - someone had to do it

Now what you need is a really lightweight clam set and engine cover

PS - When/where are you going to be soon for test rides ?

This has to be better than a 6 speed quaife and a VHPD rebuild/Emerald/blah blah ?? Wheres the catch ??

Well chaps, just come in from a blast. Initial thoughts are that I need better brakes .This thing is just incredible, it is a case of boot it and hang on for the ride. Of course, I am running it in properly, that happened on the way home from Blink. I reckon, in the long run , it has got to be financially better than keep rebuilding the K.(Providing the Honda holds together). It is seriously quicker than my old 200 bhp K, and that VTEC is like a drug. To say I am well chuffed is a major understatement, I cannot wait to get to Oulton or Donny to do a comparison. BTW, I am at Elvington this saturday for the day, so any passenger rides can be had there if you can turn up. I need to get the suspension all pointing in the right direction, and the ECU flashed, but if it gets any better, that will just be a bonus…

P.S. - did somebody say they had a lightweight body?

LR Driver has a Carbon front clam for sale and JohnO has a motorsport engine cover.

I’m not desperate … honest

Great news Russ. Any pics of the engine bay for us ?

What torque is it putting out, and what do you expect it’ll put out once completed ?

The fact that I’ve already spent too much on my engine aside, the thing that would put me off is “zip” from 5500rpm upwards if it kicks in mid-bend. Is it sudden/dramatic, or do you think it’s not severe enough to unsettle the car when loaded-up in a bend ?

Hi David,

I can take a piccies of the engine bay, but I would’nt know how to put it up here. If I send it to you, can you oblige?

The “kick” is not too vicious, I think it should be controllable, especially as the diff helps you keep things on the straight and narrow. As for torque, the chart that I have seen shows 161 lb ft at 6475 rpm.

Is it worth waiting and go down this route at the first sign of trouble from the KSeries?

Are Blink linked with the prototyperacing conversion?

How many others are tempted (I’m going to be saving my penies!!!)… Should I put of the EMerald upgrade…


Is 1500 quid a good price for a K20A ?



Its good if it is the TypeR engine, but the K20A engine was also used in the CRV.

Roy, I think you could get more for your engine if it is in good nick? Maybe it would not be worth that much if you tried to sell it once it is goosed.

As phil says, if it is a proper type R, �1500 is a good price.


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