Yokohama A039's - 195/50R16 (Fronts) for Sale

These tyres are nearly new, one has 4.5mm of tread, and the other 3mm of tread. (new there is 5mm).

They have never been used on track, and are surplus after a change to A048’s recently.

Will consider selling separately, but prefer to sell both together.

Contact me on [email protected]

(I am in Banbury area - can deliver within 20 miles, or buyer collects)

Is no-one driving their cars to need new tyres?
No unreasonable offer refused.

I guess the thing is that most of us are going for A048’s as soon as they need to be changed.
And most of us (me icluded) had got to give away the half-life front A039’s.
I had to just leave them at the tyre dealer to be disposed of!

I guess that would be unreasonable?

I’ve got 2 sets of fronts to give away, but have been unable to as nobody seems to want them

and I’m just waiting for my fronts and backs to wear out so I can change to 048’s — just in time for winter gulp!

Tone, your backs are likely to go first. Hence, all the available fronts.

I may just take somebody up on the fronts at some point. For wet weather I’m thinking: full set of T1-Rs or pair of rear 39s and hand-me-down fronts.


In fact, I just went for a new set of T1-R’s for the winter.
Have the Kumhos ready on the Speedlines.

But no car

where are people getting their 48’s from these days??

Sorry to come in late guys, but I really need some A039 fronts. If you or anyone has some and lives near manchester or can send them, I will take them. Any idea on price ?

Current rears are second set - now waiting for full set next.

DSE - I have 2 off A039’s available, about 50% tread if you are interested.

What kind of wear, is it 50% (3mm ish) constant across the tyre ? how much would you like for the pair including shipping to manchester ?

The tyre wear is even across the tread and the circumference with no side wall damage. I am working away from home until this Saturday, if you could wait until then I will measure the tread accurately and advise with suggested asking price including shipping to Manchester.

Tx for interest.

Ok, thanks, I look forward to your response.

In fact, I just went for a new set of T1-R’s for the winter.
Have the Kumhos ready on the Speedlines.

But no car

How much did you pay for the T1Rs Uldis?

I am just about to fit them on my rimsotcks with 048s on the speedlines…

I think that maybe my exact wheel/tyre set-up (once I’ve used up everybodies old 39s ).


It was around �380 fitted and VAT included.
Correct sizes, and seeing their water clearing abilities, should be a good bet for the roads up here.
And the fact that they have more continuous rubber on the sides should make them handle pretty decently.

We’ll see.

That sounds good, and I expect they will do a higher mileage ??

Hi all. I phoned every tyre dealer this side of Timbuktoo and have listed prices/phone numbers for both 39’s & 48’s. If anyone interested, email me & I’ll forward the list.
Oh and had to PAY to advertise the Exige for sale as no body throwing money at me from ad.on the site:(

Checked tyres - 3mm on both. Please contact me on (07976) 229266 to discuss price. Can easily supply to Manchester.