Y757BSG Black Exige

Did this car belong to anyone on here? and does anyone know how badly damaged it was?

It says 190 but doesn’t have the sports exhaust…I thought that was part of the 190 upgrade?


Sports exhaust (�495) was additional to the 190 upgrade (circa �800 incl fitting), which most people had, & which comprised ECU, 82c thermostat, inlet cam pulley & de-cat pipe.

Ahhh well in that case, any history about this car would be gratefully received.

Anyone got ideas how much a category-D would affect the resale value when the buyer comes to sell it ?

I think it very much depends on what the damage is.

Category D is, so say Parkers:

“D. A damaged vehicle that the insurer has decided not to repair, but which could be repaired and returned to the road”

Would also depend on who the repairs were done by…but its gotta be a few thousand knocked off the sale price. If its all been repaired correctly and is back up to scratch, it could be a bargain.

I’d def want to test this one before buying - but bidding at mo is only �14100 - well worth a punt? - if ins co paid out �26k - then IIRC they write off if repairs are two thirds of value - they must have calc’d repairs circa �17k!!

If �17k is accurate I’d feel a little uneasy to be honest.

This is what has happened to one car when it rolled having had a previous ‘knock’ on the side, note the roll bar - http://www.exiges.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=350&page=&view=&sb=5&o=&fpart=2&vc=1

Begga me, whooa - look at state of that roll hoop!! - daft Q were driver/pass OK??

Pesky - its in Bury (Lancyland) - any chance of a report?


Driver & passenger got out okay - a few aches & pains, but nothing broken - they were very, very lucky!

The car had taken a couple of side impacts at trackdays, but the “write-off” occurred on the road. I’ll tell you more next time we meet - but please remind me cos I’m old & forgetful


If you can find out the name/address of the garage, I (& probably Russ) will call in & have a look.

It’s at:
unit1 hacking st
bury, bl9 0rl

Cheers Mark

I’ll report back.

Might be worth asking if they’ve got some photos of it prior to being repaired. Can be an indication that the damage was worse than they’re claiming if they don’t.

Bit of a can of worms unless you can check independently that the chassis wasn’t damaged - the normal cause of Elise/Exige write-offs I believe. Will they provide a written guarantee on the chassis?

In saying all that, right colour and if under �16k…hmmmmm.

I am led to believe the reserve is set at �17.5K.

Right Chaps

Just got back after seeing this car.

I went to the garage (salvagers) in Bury - car wasn’t there, neither was the guy (Chris) who apparantly knows most about it, & who would conclude a deal. The car was in Bolton (where I’d just come from!) for a geo check at a local large but independent tyre place.

However, I did have a chat with the guy at the Bury garage, & he seemed to know quite a bit about the car. They’d had the car repaired, with the work being carried out by their usual contacts i.e. non Lotus dealership. Both front & rear clams have been repaired, & the passenger door/sill replaced. Asked about suspension/chassis damage, the reply was - no suspension damage, the chassis was slightly damaged, but not bent, & it had been repaired by a guy in Blackpool used to …yes, you’ve guessed it, repairing TVRs! There is no service history.

I asked what they would accept for the car - usual response “what have you got in mind?”. I replied �15K. He replied that they “have more in the car than that”, & that they had turned down an offer of �18.5K, so were looking for �19K. I told him he should have accepted �18.5, cos you can get a “straight” Exige for �20K!

I then drove a few miles to Bolton to see the car.

It was parked outside & really need a wash before the bodywork could be closely studied. On the face of it, it looked okay - no stonechips/scratches etc - but that was expected anyway! Last 3 digits of the chassis number are 422. It needs new rear 39s (fronts ok), & both rear wheels were badly scratched, but not deeply scratched - don’t know if they are buckled. The undertray adjacent to the passenger door shows signs of minor damage, i.e. slight bending, but refitted. Brake hoses are standard, exhaust looks like an Eliseparts twin pipe, but I’m not certain. It has a carbon airbox, but I couldn’t see if it is de-catted. Mileage is 6899, & it has laser jammer gubbins mounted in the front grill, but I could not see any unit in the cabin. Aircon pipe in engine bay is broken. Interior is black, with standard black leather seats, standard seat belts, & head unit of audio system had been taken out (not surprisingly).

Sticker in the back window, plus adverts on number plates imply the car was supplied (lastly) by Formula One in Newcastle upon Tyne web page

My thoughts - firstly, it needs to be insoected by someone who knows about Lotus chassis, & probably testing on an accurate allignment jig. If it’s then okay, well, I wouldn’t pay more than �16K, but then again, I’m not interested in buying it anyway!

Hope this helps any prospective buyers!


Didn’t see your “reserve” post before posting my findings - it obviously took me half an hour or so of one finger keyboard tapping!


Thanks for going to see the car…I suppose there are worse ways to spend a Friday afternoon. Initial thoughts are that there are too many if’s and but’s to proceed. And of course there is the S2…whoaaa there.

Appreciate your time out.

PS. �19K…I think not!

I thought I recognised the reg no. and when you said F1 Newcastle I am fairly sure this is the one I looked at about 12-14 months ago. From memory it had then done about 5000 miles and was 177bhp but they said the cat had been removed. Asking price then was �29000.