Why is the King K series thread locked ?

I was wondering what the results were at Emerald yesterday with Uldis’s engine, but the thread is locked. Any news ?


Yes, it’s the most interesting thread ever on exiges.com
Bring it back!

I can still “get in”, even though the “Locked” symbol is there!

Locked from any further replys though

Locked from any further replys though

Ah, didn’t realise that - thanks. (See you at the Watermillock on the 1st Dec?)

I was wondering what the results were at Emerald yesterday with Uldis’s engine, but the thread is locked. Any news ?


Yep - why not announce the results on this thread, the spec of the engine and the costs involved?


Didn’t realise that Uldis has had his engine dyno’d… go on then, spill the beans .

Uldis has been on the board this morning reading threads (spotted him in the “Who’s Online” function) but hasn’t posted the results of his mapping session at Emerald

Come on man, spill the beans !

I know the word is “you did pretty well”

Hi guys,

How anxious! (was typing)

Returned last night from the VERY long trip down south and saw these postings. Extremely bad weather and crappy driving by all
Ideally it would have been better to do more miles before going but I wasn’t about to re-schedule a 5th time! . Besides, I need to put in the CAT, do an MOT and tax the thing before the end of month.
The way it was, I had only done 300 miles before starting my journey. Managed to do a total of 850 miles when I got there. Enough for all surfaces to mate, but not enough to loosen the engine. Simon told me he built it on the tight side, since it was not a track-only engine, and was going to see some serious mileage.

Well, for a start I can say that Simon does know how to build engines. Not bad for somebody that doesn’t do this for a living (nor intends to). I suppose his sculpting background and attention to detail is a good base to start from.
I still remember when I called him after his post. His view was that he wanted to share the information for everybody else to do their own engines, like Phil, Steve and others have been doing for some time. It took a bit of begging from my side to accept my engine, as I had never even taken it off. maybe next time I would venture myself inside the engine (seeing that I didn’t do a bad job outside of it)

He would have liked to build a monster of an engine but I was the moderating part (read: didn’t want to spend much money and wanted it for the road, not track only), so it stayed with the std flywheel and clutch (well, the race AP clutch that I had before I mean, but I consider this std, as the very std was useless), std pistons/liners/rings and std everything except cams and valves (1mm over), even a std crank (mine was scored).
Not even Jenvey’s, which Simon really wanted me to go for, as he doesn’t like the std ones (but I’m stubborn)
And to think that there could have been so much improvement on response with the lighter alloy flywheel/clutch combo! (it’s already good this way, really!)

Now, results: the engine wants to rev like it’s a dream!. I remember the first time I started it, it was very difficult to keep at 3000 rpm, as it wanted to shoot up immediately. On the road, after mapping, it makes for an electric-engine like driving, like turning up a rheostat.
Anyway, apart from a slight tingle at idle (I chose hard mounts) the engine is so smooth it’s difficult to know it was on! :smug: (of course if it wasn’t for the road noise, and wailing exhaust note reminding me).
A dream to feel the smooth acceleration going up so effortlessly to 8500 rpm!

The torque spread was also very good, I can certainly use the flat torque from 5K to 8.5K, and the BHP graph looks just like a straight line to the top, getting to 209.5 BHP at 8400 rpm and 140.something lb/ft of torque at 6.6K (from now on referred to as a 210BHP because I just KNOW it loosened up a bit more on the drive back :smug:). I will be looking forward to Dave sending me the power graph in digital (gave me a printout and could scan it in the office but forgot it home).

Comments from Dave Walker were:
-very smooth to the top
-engine is very eager to rev up
-now I see Simon can build a good engine too (he mentioned other two he rated well), amazing for a guy that two years ago knew nothing about K’s and was himself ripped off with a bad engine build.

Overall, I am very satisfied. For a good, basic build achieving this kind of smoothness mainly through attention to detail I think is… actually what Lotus should have done to start with! My engine was never this good, it’s miles apart from what it was before.

And now the experimentation with trumpet lengths, exhaust, (maybe even a dry sump, 10 BHP more?) will start.

Today after work I will be going to make a power run at the new Dastek RR in Aberdeen. This way we should easily be able to convert and relate back to EBHP (Emerald BHP) and knowing we’re talking the same numbers.

Now I need to fix a few niggles: oil cooler lines leaking, manifold rubbing in the undertray, and my wonderful heat shield broke one of its mounting points (talk about a tizz!) Ah! and a good wash!

Uldis has been on the board this morning reading threads (spotted him in the “Who’s Online” function) but hasn’t posted the results of his mapping session at Emerald

LOL! I went in the board at breakfast and left the computer at home on the page!
I guess it will show me as being reading posts all the time!

Sounds like a good result, you must be chuffed . Looking forward to seeing the graphs.

Uldis, that seems like a fantastic result. I’m really pleased for you. I only wish I had cash to spare so I could have done the same stuff while mine was being rebuilt.

I only hope that the balancing job at vibration free has given me a fraction of the results you’ve achieved. I’m hoping for a nicer sounding, smoother and slightly revvier motor. We’ve been delayed by a leaking remote thermostat, so the engine hasn’t been started up yet

Leaking remote stat? Geary’s?

Mine leaked and they changed it for the newer type (Oring) and so did somebody else’s at Scottish_Elises.
Now yours.

They have to retire that batch (the one with the green goo at the middle)

Yes, Geary’s. I’ve had it lying around for quite a few weeks, only just got round to having it fitted. I’m surprised I haven’t heard before about other people having trouble with them.

My replacement’s just arrived, so there’s a chance my engine will be running today.

Well done Uldis sounds like you’ve created a fine motor there - you must be well chuffed with the results - look forward to the graph

Yes, I am

Karl (computer genius that works with Dave) will send me the file as soon as he can.
Could be tomorrow or maybe after that, he’s kinda busy

I’ll bring anyway the paper copy to scan it tomorrow.

OK, Karl was quick!

Here it is.

Nice! How smooth is that power curve!!

So is it happy to hit 8.5k rpm all the time? From the sounds of things it seems much better

Sweet and so linear, well impressive - I want one too