What a great day:-)

Hopefully everyone got home from Anglesey safely. Today was one of the most enjoyable track days I’ve been on. Lots of following some nice cars & quick drivers helps push my driving a little bit further each time. Most notably a few laps closely leading and following Dave G in his Exige Cup. Really good to see how the cars compare. A cracking day and the rain late on meant a bit of sliding about at lower speeds.

Roll on Donington on 19th May!

Great to hear Adam. Now someone post pictures so I can see what I’ve missed :wink:

Quite agree, what a great day, I came along only to spectate (totally my fault, too late to enter) and thought there was some very impressive and ‘spirited’ driving!

Thought the ‘W’ reg black Honda engined Exige went very well, loved the Lime Green S2 and the matching Chrome Orange (?) pair,… and those two S1’s, Dark Grey and Burgundy, parked in front of the cafe were simply gorgeous! … didn’t see them on track though? … although I did only stay a couple of hours!

Definitely book in time for next year!

Well done all!

I have a couple of videos from the GoPro to upload if I can remember how to do it. I’ll have a go tonight.


Great day and thanks again for setting it up.


Really was a great day. Great atmosphere and very good driving standards as always. The rain at the end of the day made things really fun, spotted some great slides!
Adam i take it it was you in the black 211? You seemed to be going really well!

[quote=“tomholden999”]Adam i take it it was you in the black 211? You seemed to be going really well![/quote]

Exiges Track day - YouTube


[quote=“AdamK”][quote=“tomholden999”]Adam i take it it was you in the black 211? You seemed to be going really well![/quote]

Exiges Track day - YouTube



Truely brilliant day. My first time at Anglesey and first time on track in the car, and wow, I was seriously impressed with both!!

Great to put a few faces to names and meet some new people. Everyone was extremely friendly and driving standards were absolutely impeccable. Thanks for letting me gatecrash the Lotus theme with my “yanktank” :wink:

Here’s my best lap

2014 Camaro Z/28 Anglesey Trackday 14/04/17 - YouTube

… and thanks to Bat as well for their efforts and securing the track for us.

Another great Exiges day, thanks again for organising Ben.

1st time on track in the Evora but I chickened out in the afternoon when the rain started. Role on 2018

Nice to meet so many of you:

Mike in his 2-Eleven/Elise hybrid (hanks for the use of your boot).
Rich and Rich in their 350s.
Simon in his S1 (didn’t see you at all during the day).
Andrew in his Military Grey 350 (thanks for the pax laps)
Gav and Steve in their Evoras.
Chris in his V6 Cup.

Does anyone have the details of the BAT photographer, or whether they’ll be sent when available?

I have sone GoPro but it’s poor quality because of the contrast between the dark interior and bright sky. I’ll try and improve it. If anyone has any photos or video of my dark grey s2, please post up or PM me.


They will be on the BaT website in a few days.


BaT Photos will be free don’t forget, so don’t buy them!!

Will write more later…

There a setting on the GoPro for using in a vehicle. From memory is the square with the dot in the middle.

Good to meet you Roger.

Just to echo the sentiments of many… what a great day despite the rain in the afternoon, great venue, great cars, great people, just gggggreat ! (& Good to see Simon E back in the groove)

Cheers Ben for organising & Bookatrack for running it will look forward to catching up later in the year…

Great day, absolutely fantastic to catch up with so many old friends and a reminder of what a terrific bunch of people I’ve met thanks to these funny little plastic cars. First time at the track for me and WHAT a track, can’t wait to get back there! Thanks to everyone for making us so welcome and particularly for Ben in organising the day.

I would like to thank everyone involved with organising such a fantastic day. This well established event didn’t disappoint and I relished my first experience around Anglesey, and first time on circuit in my new V6 Cup. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it out in the afternoon during the rain, but I was more than happy with the morning runs and thoroughly enjoyed some laps alongside Steve on a pretty much deserted track come 5pm. Everyone’s track etiquette was sublime and for a first timer such as myself was a welcomed experience.

It was also great to meet so many of you in person and thanks to Roger for sending me the snap of my Cup captured along the Mach Loop on Thursday. Looking forward to the BaT photos.

Cheers Rich - totally echo your post :clap:

If Carlsberg did trackdays…

Finally got my Exige mojo back after lunch and the for sale sign is now ripped up :slight_smile: - what an absolute superb day - really, really impressed by the current Lotus range - was thinking of jumping Lotus ship this year - not any more - but S3 Exige or Evora? :mrgreen:

Simon E