We are a bit quiet

is rather quiet , but our average posts / day is consistent. I have just messaged a chap called Ian on FB ( my apologies if you are here Ian, I am RUBBISH with names ) to see if I can be added to the admin of the exiges.com facebook group.

I am working on getting is some better SEO as I dont think that is helping.

SELOC seems to hoover up everything.

These are our raw stats :frowning:

Take heart - forums are thinning out with the number of other platforms out there. I wouldn’t chuck any effort into SEO, I’d just make / keep it a nice place to be and those who want to take part / voyeurs will do as they please.

I only signed in cos I wanted to see what Dave @ Seriously was doing with that bloody car… is it finished yet? :unamused: :open_mouth:

I also run another site - turborenault.co.uk and we are growing like mad. This site for me was just to keep it updated and put something back into the community that I have taken so much out of!

We are not google indexed at the minute and I am trying to redress that. It would be great to have new guests visit even if not for signups.

I think Exiges.com easily has the best knowledge:member ratio, so it’s still a very valuable resource - but the danger is that if a couple more names stopped posting, it would lose its useful place in the Lotus community which would be a big shame.

There’s not much uncharted territory now with maintenance and modifying of the S1 and S2 platform cars, but S3’s are coming into a price range where I expect they’ll start seeing much more activity in the community. Tapping into that audience would be useful, but as that excludes the US - you’re already on a quite limited audience.

The US tuning/modification scene for the S2 seems much more lively than the UK scene at the moment, not many people doing anything interesting on the UK cars other than lobbing in the odd Honda and slapping on the odd charge cooler. Andy’s journey of NA → SC → different SC layout is probably about as varied as things have been recently! In the US there’s a lot more work going on with the 2ZZ, whether it be beefing up the internals, swapping gearboxes out to new units completely or (much better) aftermarket supercharger options such as the BOE package. All that is to say, I think the US Exige audience although small, is probably one of the more vocal segments and would probably breath a little life into the forum.

To counter that point, something that always impressed me about Exiges.com was what proportion of the active user base would attend meets/trackdays. As infrequent as they are, they pull a really good crowd from this member base - so diluting that down with a load of people who can’t/won’t attend such events may be viewed as a negative addition to this community. I’m not sure where I stand on that personally, as if the forum dies due to inactivity - then so will everything else that comes with it.

The decreasing pool of hardcore members who post is the thing that got me worried the most as well. We had a slight resurgence of posts when lockdown came in but its petered out again.

I have started a instagram account Exiges.com (@exigesdotcom) | Instagram that I have had a huge response to with turboRenault - now sat at 31.2k members. It might be non interactive but it should hopefully guide some of the people that dont know about us here. Hopefully some S3 owners!

takes pipe from mouth

calmly puts pipe back in mouth

That made me chuckle :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :lolno: :lolno: :lolno:

I’m hardly a social media influencer but I get most interactions about my car via IG. Most of the time from people who “have seen the thread on pistonheads, what are your thoughts on blah blah blah”. I guess people just can’t be arsed registering on/posting on forums anymore so instead they direct message on IG. Weird but hey-ho.

I’ll be sure to throw some tagging around for exiges.com, hopefully it helps drive some traffic.

Fantastic , thanks.

I am with you on the people CBA to register. I also think the fact its not an app ( yet works perfectly fine in a phone browser ) is an issue.

Going to try and use #ExigesDotCom and #Exige as our hashtags

#exiges stickers. Needs to happen

I’ve been quiet too, I should update my satsuma thread…and I’m far from a long time member!!

I’ll give that insta a follow though Andy :+1:
@bobbyinio for anyone who wants to see cars, cats and cycling. I’m in competition with Gav aka [mention]TarmacTerrorist[/mention] it seems!!

smashes pipe on mantlepiece and grimaces in mirror

Hiiiiii Guyssss it’s Fonzeeeeeyy

I’m not ashamed to admit that 90% of the reason I click on my SELOC bookmark is to access the classifieds. It’s probably the best resource for buying/selling parts that we have in the UK.

Saying that, I always sell my Lotus junk on FB. I’ve listed a couple of things that I didn’t think would have much interest and both sold at asking price within hours to overseas buyers.

I know we have a classifieds section here, and I know it will only get more popular when we have more members. I’m guilty of not even posting in it just because I know the audience is quite small. I’ll adjust that in future, it costs me nothing to copy and paste an advert :thumbup:



Ordered :mrgreen:

Fulfilling the order :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Might be a slight COVID delay …

Andy one of the historical issues was the bollocks people had to go through to get signed up. I know you fixed that, but people tried to get on here, failed after months of trying and just didn’t come back. What ever you do PLEASE do NOT join with any other Lotus forums. Keep it exiges.com

I heard about the issues with signup.

I was hoping to keep this place independent of any others.

I don’t see a benefit in merging with another forum, as lets face it - all that would be is the larger forum swallowing up the smaller one.

There could be opportunities for more/better inter-forum collaboration when it comes to events and meets though. I know of at least NYLOC, VX220.org.uk and Exiges.com that have struggled to fill their own trackdays for example. Rather than struggling to fill three, why don’t we join forces and fill out a few events?! Lets face it many of these clubs have membership overlaps too, and they all serve a slightly unique purpose in forum format - but when it comes to a chat over curry/beer and a trackday - we’re all the same community really.

Seems a more than reasonable suggestion