WANTED - Windscreen sticker EXIGES.COM

Hi all,

I saw fews exige S1 with the EXIGES.COM windscreen sticker and I would like to get one for my EXG S1.
Do you know where can I order it?

thanks in advance

That was a while ago. Unless someone has one knocking around it’s unlikely I think.

Hopefully !

I loved that sticker! Perfect size, perfect words! :>)

Bit of a long shot maybe, but it was Mr Pesky who got the sun strip thing designed and printed back in the day. Perhaps he could post up where it was done? You never know, the artwork etc may still be available.

I’ve no idea what the minimum order would be to make it viable…

Rob - care to comment fella?

I can make one,…you may have to be patient though.

Oh really :open_mouth: !!! thank you so much Benja :clap: … I’m looking forward !!! :stuck_out_tongue:
i will owe you something !

I’ll get to it after Easter bud no problem.

B I G B I G THKS !!!

Sean did the last lot Ben. Personally I preferred our more subtle version though.

Yeah Sean’s had massive script. I have the artwork, vinyl and a cutter, I just need half an hour free to do it…

Would it help or hinder if I added a “+1 please” to your workload?

So I ordered the matt-black background vinyl which arrived today, I’ve got loads of silver,…oh hold on, no I haven’t, doh!

I said you’d need to be patient…

No stress :mrgreen: , thks again :clap:

I nearly got around to it this weekend,…I have the materials now. One evening this week…

amazing !!! thanks a lot benja !

If someone has the artwork in vector format, it should be fairly easy to have these reproduced by a sign company

Right I’ve made x3!

They’re like the original ones. A Matt-black rectangle to allow it to be fitted with the desired depth then trimmed along the side top edges with a blade. Then the artwork in silver to position on the background.

Lienj17 and tlracer have nabbed the first two so there’s one up for grabs. They’re free if you make a donation to a charity of your choosing and post a pic on this thread.

Pm me your addresses lads :thumbup:

I would be happy to get the third one if it is still available. I’ll send you my address via PM.


Right they’re all parcelled up ready to go, just need Lienj17 to pm me his address!

Float the background on with some water with a few drops of washing-up liquid in it - I made it pretty wide so sit in the car and make sure your get the band at a depth you’re happy with.

Use a pliable tool and cloth to get it flat with no bubbles and then when it’s dried a bit and secure then carefully run a blade along the windscreen edge to trim the excess top/sides.

The artwork is on transfer paper so carefully remove the backing paper to leave the artwork on the transfer paper.

Again use some soapy water (even on the sticky side of the artwork itself) and then carefully position the transfer-paper/artwork over the background at the desired position (two person job).

Again using a pliable-tool/cloth press down on the transfer paper to affix the artwork to the background.

After its dried a bit and the artwork is stuck down - carefully remove the transfer paper to reveal you exiges.com sunstrip.

Get your camera/smartphone, take a pic and post it on here :thumbup: