WANTED - S1 EXIGE - Please Help!

After mooching around this site for a couple of years as ‘Mr Anonymous’, and an abortive attempt to get together the finances to try to buy Admin 5’s Exige last year - I have finally got my act together, and am now in a position to buy an S1 Exige!

I have decided to go the Mr Pesky recommended route of a well sorted 190bhp car, and concentrate on driver training rather than go for absolute power. Therefore, taking a lot of your collective comments into account, I am ideally looking for a car with the following specification:-

190 Upgrade
Emerald ECU
Sports Exhaust
Cat by-pass pipe (plus orig Cat for MoT)
Stone chip protection - Amourfend, or VentruSheild
Mud Flaps
Brake Upgrade - Pagid and SRF (or equiv), Braded Hoses
Gear Linkage Upgrade
Short Shift Upgrade
Sports Seats
Harnesses - 4, 5, or 6 point - preferably Safety Devices
Momo Removable Steering Wheel
Polycarbonite Driving Lamp Covers
Magnecor KV85 Spark Plug Leads
Replacement “bell shaped” wheel arch liners
With approx 10k miles on the clock, certainly under 20k

Time to get all girlie and talk about colours. My ideal colours for the car would be:

Dark Racing Green Pearlescent - I have never seen this colour on an Exige, only on 2 S1 Elises. I do not know what this colour is called, but it is a very dark green metallic, that turns a green-blue colour in sunlight when viewed at different angles. Does anybody know what this colour is, and if any Exiges came in it?

Any other ‘dark grey-silver’ metallics
Azure Blue

I am looking to pay up to �21k for this car, or to get a car and get it to the above spec - perhaps more if it is really special (is this a realistic price for this time of year?).

Can all of you ‘Exigers’ keep your eyes open for me to help me find the right car, and give me the best Christmas present ever? I am willing to travel to wherever this car can be found.



Welcome Clive, & good luck with your hunt for your ideal car

Can’t fault your “spec list”, except that you don’t need the “190 Upgrade” as well as Emerald ECU & verniers In practice, you’re unlikely to find one with all the boxes ticked, so it’ll be a case of finding a good base car, then upgrading as you go along. I suspect that most people who have gone Emerald/Verniers/brake upgrades/harnesses are holding onto their cars, with no immediate plans to sell them (they tend to get into your blood like that!).

I don’t ever recall seeing an Exige in your first choice colour, the nearest I remember being Nautilus Blue, which seems to change colour in different lighting situations.

Once again, best of luck - don’t hesitate to ask for help, & try & get along to some trackdays in the New Year where you know some Exigers are driving - they’ll be happy to chat etc & you’ll probably get a trip out as well

PS Out of general interest, whereabouts are you based, & what do you drive at the moment?

Interesting, that’s the colour the McDonalds Exige came in! I have one of those you can have for �20K!

Good choice of car, good luck with your hunt.


Good luck with the search Clive - that is a top spec you are looking for

If you’re up Birmingham way Paul Matty has 3 Exiges for sale at the mo, prices are �24,750 tho’. Might be worth a look in just to gauge what you can get for the money…

Mr Pesky,

‘Darn sarf’ in the Croydon area (Greater London Surrey). Right now I am driving a humble Honda Civic, but the missus is about to upgrade to a Honda S2000 - giving me the excuse to finally get something that I want.

Thanks for your responses - I’ll check out Paul Matty.



Clive, the colour you describe does sound like nautilus blue. My exige is in that colour, so if you would like to see what it looks like, let me know your e-mail address and I’ll send a picture (not that a picture would do it justice!)


Thanks for taking the time to send pictures of your car - it looks fabulous.

I’m sure, as you said, that it looks even better in real life. I can see that at some angles the colour changes from blue to green. If this isn’t the exact colour I am after, then this has got to be the closest match on an Exige.

I see that you have got ‘Da Edwards’ rear diffuser. does this make any difference on the track?


Sorry that I didn’t reply to your offer to sell the ‘McDonalds’ Exige earlier, I thought that some research was required.

I was very tempted to take up your offer, since I had heard that this was billed as the ultimate trackday Exige. Apparently it features “LZM” (Lotus Zero Movement) track inspired suspension, and is nearly 780kgs lighter than a standard Exige. I was on the point of saying “…chuck in a Big Mac, and you’ve got yourself a deal”, when I found out some other interesting facts.

Lotus didn’t sell many of these, and ended up giving them away free. This appears to be because they were an absolute bu**er to get into - not just because the car was only 1:72nd the size of the standard one, but also because the doors were welded shut! Also the car doesn’t have any steering, drivetrain, or engine. This then means that it is necessary to supply a ‘big hand’ at every corner of a track to stop, turn, and shove the car on to the next corner.

Therefore, even though it might be the right colour, I think that I will look for something a little more standard.


But it does have a built in Head-gasket failure light!

I’m glad I got the colour right though. Odd isn’t it, nobody knows of an Exige in British Racing Green!


He He

It is good to know that they didn’t skimp on this important option

There is an Exige thats dark green in the Leamington/ Stratford area (midlands). I think thats British racing green, its also got gold wheels.

Sounds like the same one I saw Chris , at the Donington Lotus Show a couple of years ago.

I took a photo of it,but sadly not on a digital camera .

Its definately BRG metallic reg no X645 NUA and looks very good indeed with the gold alloys .

That’s RobS’s car

Could this be our new rarest colour?! That’ll upset Phil!


BRG with gold wheels…hmmmm…my colour…

Ally’s car was BRG as well

Phil, you’re back in the game!

Ian, you should say Trudy is in the game again

I thought they’d stopped all that!

Ian, you should say Trudy is in the game again

Scandal (ous) …

or should that be Kryptonite…