VVR/Track day Oulton Park

Disclaimer:I hope this is not seen as a commercial post, more a chance for exiges.com members to get a cheapie track day and help VVR out on the sponsorship side. If it is a problem (David), delete this post asap. Cheers.

Tracksport is now sponsoring VVR and helping with transportation etc., , so as part of the “deal” Veronique has used her skills and charm to negotiate a discount for exiges.com on the next Oulton track day, and maybe more in future. The day is Wednesday 17th August and is open pit lane. Normal price is �225, but if you call and book asap, but in any case no later that 7 days from now, we will get a discounted price of �169. Please mention Vinyl Veronique Racing when you call on 01270 666500 (must be booked by phone, not website) and the nice people at Tracksport will apply the discount. I am hoping to get this open to other clubs and more trackdays, so support it if you can!



Open to all? I dont have an exige at the moment

Yup no worries.

C’mon peeps - this has got to be the bargain of the year

Think about it, for only �200 you can get an overnight B&B & a day out on a fantastic circuit

There are some great b+bs and hotels in Chester which is about 10 min drive from the track

Hmmm, i’ll see if I can make this one… I like Oulton .

hi guys just got back fromk brit gp.was going to book a track day on wed 10 aug for �215.will now book for 18th good work russ.car is booked in at tube torque in macfld on fri for new zorst.

Nice one Rob, but if you want to be amongst friends, book the 17th!

whoops!thought that diary was cheap its last years! ha ha 17th it is then.

Booked! Now we just need some more S2’s to book, where are you guy’s.



Will try and change my day off for this. Im away from work until Monday so will find out then weather its a goer or not. I really want to do this but the boss will say yes or no.

Was at Oulton on Tuesday and it was awesome!!!



As I know Burnley is in a different time warp to the rest of the world , don’t forget that this trackday is 17th AUGUST, not July!!!

Excellent Danny, will be good to see you again. If you make it, take me out for a spin in yours.

Booked! Now we just need some more S2’s to book, where are you guy’s.


Hi there,

Am I too late for this?? I couldn’t commit befroe as I had appoiontments but they have just been cancelled.

Now worries if it is, just thought I’d ask as I do like OP and haven’t dont it in the Liz yet.



Try them Gav, I know it was nearly booked up last week but there may be spaces left.

Cheers Russ,

I have just followed the link at the top of this page through to tracksport. They have taken my money so it would seem that all is hunky dory

See you guys there then…

I cant see any bumph regarding restrictions on noise on their site? Can you confirm at all?

I’ve just phoned the guy and the limit is 105db static. Good news as it means I can get the exhaust fitted next Monday as intended rather than putting it off for another coupke of weeks. :thumbs:


Ok, so how many Exiger’s at Oulton Park on the 17th August then?
So far, me, Pesky, RussT and Tarmac Terrorist that I know for definate.

JC. Martin & Myself will be there. Only our second track day this year. Need to get out more