Volunteers Wanted For Bruntingthorpe Mag Article

The guys at Redline seem to think getting together a selection of Elises/Exiges and puting them against a Ferrari 360 & a Porsche 911 Turbo was a great idea. See e-mail below.

"I’ve started putting together a list of rear-engined cars for a shoot I’d like to organise at Bruntingthorpe.

If you could choose about three or four of the fastest Elises, or any with any interesting engine swaps / mods that would be most appreciated.

At the moment your name is top of a preliminary list which includes a Ferrari 360 and a Porsche 911 Turbo. :slight_smile:"

The date has not yet been arranged but I expect to be informed shortly. So I need 3or4 more cars preferably all with different conversions.

Who’s up for this?

I’m up or it

Taking the Nissan Randy ?

I wish… engine is still in pieces after LeMans and getting parts for the damn thing is a nightmare.

I wish… engine is still in pieces after LeMans and getting parts for the damn thing is a nightmare.

I’ve got a K Series, which we can haggle over

It would be a damn site more reliable than my Nissan motor. Nice and light too although I think I may be a bit slower down the straights… maybe I should fit four K series to make up for the power loss .

I only have a 190 ‘K’ but would like to come along - even as a spectator
Be nice to meet up with some of you.

Randy - Is your Honda transplant completed…??


Now that i have finished working away from home we must arrange a get together sometime

But Chris have not read the engine post and relised that the K would be the way forward!

In fairness, if you can get 3000 miles out of a full race K that beats the crap out of my reliability record! My last engine hardly lasted more than 30 miles although it was 30 miles of rocket propelled madness .

The Honda isn’t finished yet, it was supposed to be ready today but problems with the wiring have meant that it won’t be done until next week .

So was the engines problem related to the problems that you had during testing??

And did you manage to beat your best time on the PS2 in your own car ?

I had a problem with an oil pump seal from the very first time the engine ran and it was leaking big time.

First time out was at Spa and it was so wet we couldn’t tell where the oil was coming from, then we found the problem at silverstone and replaced the seal. Next time out was at LeMans for the hour qualifying and the seal went again, turns out the oil pump shaft was slightly bent.

The first sign of trouble was the oil pressure light coming on so it had ditched almost all it’s oil. We would normally have pulled the engine out after that scare but it was LeMans so we chanced running it with a whole new oil pump for the race as there were no obvious problems, loads of oil pressure, no nasty noises or metal in the oil etc. Unfortunately the damage was already done by then and the main bearings let go half way through the first lap. It’s damaged the block and written off the crank unfortunately.


I volunteer my 300 bhp exaudige, assuming two things: -

  1. It is ready
  2. It makes 300 BHP
  3. There is no three !!

The list so far is:

Randy - Honda power
Warren - Std 190 k Series
Mike - Audi power (if available)
Me - Audi power
Russ - std S2 Exige Toyota power (plus other car possibly)

All we need now is a Ford powered Lotus and we will have a full complement, any takers?

Still no date I’m afraid but it is likely to around the end of August. Will probably be a week day though.


If mine has been re-mapped by then, add a DVA 220 to the list

My money is on Mike but I’d like Phil to win from a purest point of view!


Me too! Phil, my money is on you

Looking like a really good day out. It would be good to see one of the KingK powered cars there too so we know what all the fuss is about.

if your interested i have a Std 190 k too in case people cant make it. let me know Email [email protected]


What format is this challenge gonna take ??

if its a lap times thing then… i’m gonna wager on Phil, if its a straight line thing then it’ll be one of the Audi’s… you Honda boys have yer work cut-out then…

How are you gonna level the pilot skill issue ?.. sounds like a must see event anyway, shame its so far away…