OK, I picked the most stupid day to go to see Dave Andrews - Wednesday

However, the 8 hour drive home (100 miles ) was absolute worth it and not just because Dave is the best “host” I have met in motorsport …

Dave fitted a new cambelt, and explained my “thin” version (original) was well past it, verniers and a new oil pump oil seal ( he didnt know he was going to do that BTW )

Anyhow he checked the timing with my 190 pulley and it was “close” but I wanted to get it spot on ( even though I cant read the number 7 )and the verniers of course allowed that … and … WOW !

The mid range has been transformed, what a difference … just a few thou but WOW !

I suggest if you want the best from your VHPD to get this done ASAP

Oh yes, if anyone wants a 101 pulley Dave has mine and I’m sure will negociate

Wait until you get the Emerald then

and the 1227’s and a ported head and the ebd manifold etc etc etc

Nice one Andy.
I had my cambelt changed at 18000 miles - bacause I don’t trust them to last 36000 miles - mine was a thin version too!
Sportco changed the belt for the thicker motor sport cam belt.
At the time I posted it on this site to warn others that Lotus had fitted ‘some’ VHPD engines with effectively an elise belt, which does’nt sound right to me given the different level of performance from the engines.

I also had the thin belt, which Bernard Scouse changed for me, using Dave Andrews’ premises and occasional help. Then Dave did the timing…

I have to agree with Phil, since mine has all those things, and every time I take the car out from Dave’s to test it, I scare myself and have to back off !!

On track though, the car really sings, and with a better driver it would be very hard to beat

Who is Dave Andrews?
Sounds like a ‘must have’ fix!

Who is Dave Andrews?

Look here

Thanks Phil.
I can feel my wallet itching!

…Nice one AndyD


how many miles has your car done ?

Not as many as mine, I don’t think…

V2 MAL = 38,000 miles

(Dat’s another challenge !!)


I’ve done 5K track miles in it since I purchased in April 2002 …

Andy - is fitting verniers a DIY job (capable spannerman - cough! ) or do you reckon its one for the DA’s of this world only . Was the performance diff that marked


I had this job done by Dave and saw how easy the spanner work was, and how incredibly complex the thinking and measurement was…

You need special guages to set the valve timing correctly, and Dave Andrews has made up brackets that screw directly into the existing cover holes, so the guages function at the correct angles.

Then you need to be able to determine TDC exactly, and know which cycle the engine is on, etc…

This is not a job you can do twice, since if the piston hits the valve…

My advice? - do just about any job yourself, but leave the timing to experts…

Verniers are a DIY job but you will need a dial guage to set the valve lift at TDC, when i did mine i was 1/2 a thou out when Dave Walker checked them

Cheers Mike/Phil sounds like this is def a job for the experts

That is my view. Of course, there are some very clever guys running Exiges, e.g. Phil, and they can do just about anything!!

On the bright side, if you go to Dave Andrews, he’ll get you involved in doing the job, and you’lll gain some knowledge…

Another benefit is you get to spend a few hours talking to an engine guru

Andy would you mind sharing a ball-park for what this cost?

It’s always nice to make the best of what you’ve got.


First - yes fitting the verniers can be a DIY - getting the timing right ( and knowing what it should be .) is a little more involved and you need the equipment.

I could do it now and thats the benefit of Dave - he shows you how to do it.

Ian - cost wise - 280-300 complete for supplying and fitting verniers and then setting cam timing ( Dave will check your existing set up first BTW and then give you the option to carry on or not )

Dave will check your existing set up first BTW and then give you the option to carry on or not

Do you mean that if the setup is correct then theres no reason to change to verniers?

Also I assume that putting on a new belt at the same time as fitting verniers is just the cost of the belt.

And finally!..does anyone know the part numbers for the Motorsport belt/Exige belt/standard belt?

Just read this No off a service invoice of mine - hope I’ve read it properly: