V6 Cup - Black Edition

After buying a stock NA S2 Exige and converting it over 4 years into a 210bhp+, 9k RPM, stripped-out fun-rocket with close ratio gearbox and LSD… I suddenly decided it was time for the next page… so, naturally (not) I decided to buy a heavier, bigger, super-charged V6 version :laughing:

To be fair, I chose the lightest starting point I could afford, with most of the track mods already done - but this time they were done at the factory by Lotus Motorsport - I bagged myself a V6 Cup ‘Black Edition’, weighing in at 1080KG with rear roll cage, plumbed-in extinguisher, electrical isolation, removable steering wheel, baffled sump, oil catch can, 2-way Nitrons and carbon seats - and NO NVH stuff…

It looks MEAN in its matt black paint, and I adore it already!

Initial impressions are… it’s flipping fast… it inspires confidence and seems more sure-footed, I can’t detect the same weight shift at the rear when changing directions quickly that put me off the 350 Sport on standard dampers when I borrowed one for a week a few years ago, and it seems to generally hide its weight very effectively - on the road at least… I’ll report back more when I get a track day under my belt…

The car is in fantastic condition generally, there’s the usual ‘bits and bobs’ that need tidying to make it 100%, but it has only done just under 6,900 miles, and it’s essentially just like new in most respects :slight_smile:

Here’s a few pictures for now….


I dig my s2 - a lot

I can 100% see why you jumped ship and went for a s3 with that.

Impressive looking machine.

The earlier Cup variations would be my choice too.

Looking forward to your first track day report, congratulations on the new car :+1:

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The car is on Pirelli Trofeo R tyres and I’d like to replace them with something that will work on rainy track days too, not just dry ones… any advice from the collective on what works best on these? Also fairly tempted to go with some lightweight alloys at the same time if anyone can advise of options?

I had Cup 2s on my V6S, they were brilliant everywhere (unless there was standing water). In conjunction with the lotus DPM on the road they were great. Otherwise Michelin PS4S for road and the occasional track day

I have nothing much to add at this point other than ‘The car feels amazing!’.

I’ve noticed a tiny chirp occasionally that sounds like it’s coming from the supercharger belt when changing from 1st to 2nd at high revs, might be worth refreshing the belt with a new one, maybe? :thinking:

I’ve also got a petrol smell in the cabin when I open the window whilst moving - it’s as if the smell is being dragged into, and through the cabin, from the engine bay when the window is open? I’ve found other people asking about this over the years, but no firm “I found it!” resolution, so I’ll start by looking for any areas that aren’t sealed properly around the bulkhead… I know that, as a ‘Cup’, I don’t have a lot of the trim and NVH stuff, so maybe there’s just more likelihood of an air gap?

Other than that it’s flipping brilliant! I keep going into the garage just to look at it, lol! :heart_eyes:


I have absolutely no idea with S3 exiges ( some might argue no idea with s2 either … ) but let us know what you find.

Has it got a standard fuel tank or a high capacity version??

Check when it last had a belt. Cheap parts but 2.5 hours to change, they are sometimes not changed to save pennies or the bloke doing didnt want too!!
Or possibly in your cars case, Its only done 6900 miles wont need a belt?

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Cheers Dave! It’s the standard tank (based on the fact that it seems smaller than you’d like, lol!)… The car doesn’t smell at all when stationary, or parked up, and there’s nothing while driving until you open the window, so I’m going to look for any air gaps that shouldn’t be there…

I don’t know if it has ever had a belt, I’ll take a look… or book it in with you :wink:

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I was trying to test the Fire Extinguisher control system earlier… It has the standard fitment Lifeline control box. I’ve tried toggling the switch to the ‘battery test’ position and get the orange light as expected. I’ve latched it to the ‘armed’ position and get the red light as expected. However, in the centre position (disarmed) I cannot get a green light to show when I test the activation buttons - both inside the car, and on the clam. I’m probably being a numpty, but is there anything obvious to check?

I hasten to add, I hope to NEVER need this system, but I’d like to know it’s all working correctly! :slight_smile:

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What a beauty, congratulations!

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Managed to get the car on track for the first time - Donington National, one of my favourites! Very strong performance - I spent pretty much the whole time in 3rd or 4th gear, but probably would’ve been better off spending most of my time in 4th with a little in 3rd or 5th… there’s a lot of torque there that I am not making very good use of, coming from a screaming NA car…

Dynamically, I can’t believe how good the car feels - it’s very reassuringly planted, but reacts instantly and faithfully. It feels alive, just like my S2 did, but also capable of higher limits (for me) as it seems a little less skittish… Time will tell…

The car itself held up fantastically! It was 27 degrees but I didn’t even think about the ambient temperature’s affect on intake temps until after the event, so obviously that’s not an issue. The gearbox is not awesome (awkward to change at higher rpms - a common complaint) but I’ll tackle that over time… The main issue was a severe brake judder after a couple of laps - I suspect there’s something very unhappy with a front disc, so I’ve ordered a new set from Mr Seriously Lotus that should arrive today, and will see how I get on… Judder aside, the brakes are wonderful!

Overall - it’s FAB! Very happy indeed! :smiley:

IMG_7640 (1)


If it’s happening after a few laps that would indicate to me pads deposits.

Is that what you came up with?

Sorry, that’s me being silly - I meant corners, not laps - a couple of corners in and it was juddering badly - I think the discs are unhappy, and looking at the last picture I added, you can see some really weird pits on the disc and a strange parallel line going from inner to outer?! No idea what it is, but it’s surely not normal… :frowning:

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Out with the old… in with the new! Alcon 343mm replacing the stock 332… I was really happy with the braking performance before, but I guess there’s no harm in having a little more area to disperse some heat! :slight_smile:

Incidentally, with the old disc off, you could make out two sets of parallel lines appearing, quarter of the disc apart from each other… What on Earth is that about?!

Curious if thats a pad deposit from when its been hot and left residue on the disk?

I’m just not sure… it felt a little juddery on the way to the track in the first place, but a couple of corners in, it was getting pretty extreme. I’ve had pad transfer in the s2, but this was much more forceful - it felt like there was a problem.

I guess that whatever the problem was, those marks look very much like they’re just from the pads… :+1:t2:

Happy New Year everyone!

So, Santa got me a Garmin Catalyst (yay!) and I’ve been trying to mount it securely… Finally got time to make a hidden mount underneath my V6 Cup dash cover! It just velcros off and reveals the garmin mount, ready for fun! :slight_smile:


Pretty pleased with the result - it’s nice to only have it on display when I’m at a track day, and look OEM the rest of the time! Can’t wait to try it out! :slight_smile:

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