Urgent Help Needed

Hi Guys
I’m off to see a Blue 190 Exige at at a dealer in the morning Reg: Y297COE Does anyone know of this car (or the dealer) as I don’t want to travel from Newcastle to see a dud!!
I’m sick of seeing the “best example I’ve ever seen” and finding something below average.
See the link below.


Sorry dont know this one but generally speaking the cars i’ve seen in Alexader David are pretty good examples (kept an eye on theirs for 6 months before buying mine)- they seem to know their way around an Exige (not to the depth of this site mind )which is more than I can say for some non Lotus (official) dealers out there…


I think that this one was up for sale on Pistonheads about a month ago privately - my guess is that AD bought it to sell it on?

I live quite near to AD and had a look at an Exige they were selling a while back which I didn’t buy and I am quite glad because I found this website later - http://www.btinternet.com/~tjthompson/myexige/exige.htm

However the salesman there used to have an Exige so I think he knows a bit about them and they have had some good examples in the past…Why not get him to fax the service history / docs to you beforehand to give you a bit more of a feel for it before you make the trip?

Thanks for that,
Will keep you informed of the outcome, he wants 24K for it and says he won’t budge…is it a fair price??

Glenn this is my old car. Ring me on 07736 849 144 if you want the history. Neil

I live quite near to AD and had a look at an Exige they were selling a while back which I didn’t buy and I am quite glad because I found this website later - > http://www.btinternet.com/~tjthompson/myexige/exige.htm >

Hi are you saying that it was Tony’s car that they were selling and if so do you have any more details? I always wondered what happened to Tony and his car after he tried to give it back to JCT.


It was definately that car - anyway, when I saw it had had a second owner as well whom had it for about 3 months and then sold it back to AD for whatever reason. It was in the showroom for only a few weeks at �22,000 before it was sold again, I had a look at it, the service history wasn’t great IMHO - still it could have been a great car but after looking at the diary - I am glad I didn’t take it any further .

Update on Blue Exige;;;
The car was okay but I found the paint/bodywork a little rough for the money,(24K with very little movement on price). They were most helpful but didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t going to give them the asking price.
He seemed to think that nearly all Exiges suffer from rough paint work…is this true ???
Am I being too picky and expecting too much ???
In the end we just left it…It took me 7 hrs to get there and longer to get home, so as you can guess I was a little dissapointed.
If any of you guys could email me direct if a “good one” turns up, I’d be most greatful.
I’m after a 190 model (inc extras) in azure blue,titanium or racing green with original exige race seats and harness’s with “good” bodywork.
Similar to the Yellow one for sale but not the colour (as the wife wouldn’t forgive me - no offence meant). I have the cash waiting for the correct one.
[email protected]

I understand the fact that buying a new car one expects the paint to be perfect, but in reality any glass fibre car (Lotus-TVR) will teach you otherwise.
The thing is that the perfect paint will only exist in a car that does not get used, or maybe only at low speed in traffic.
But if you use the car the way that God and Colin Chapman intended, its paint will survive no longer that the first B-road session, getting increasingly chipped along the way and then you end up like my car, which paint kind of changes tone towards primer.
Rough is an understatement, you can grate parmesan cheese on it!

So, paint is not that important, and it seems you have to budget from �1000 to �2500 a year for a respray (depending on where you are).
Don’t let that put you off, unless it indicates deeper damage.

Just picked up this post

The car was mine for two and a half years, bought from Nick Whales as an ex-demonstrator with about 1000 miles.

Spent a shed load of money on it, 190 upgrade, brake upgrade, sports seats, Kelvedon suspension set up, etc etc
Sold it to Neil, did you contact him? - he would have given you the history

It is a genuine car - yes it had quite a lot of stone chips and Neil might have added a few more but, these cars are meant to be driven not to be concourse exhibits

Shame you didn’t buy it - you’ll be lucky to find a better one


You guys have been most helpful and I take in the points on paintwork, I used to own a Renault spider (fibreglass body) and it’s not as bad as some of the Lotus’s I’ve seen. Anyway - I’ll have to keep looking or lower my aspirations…I guess once I get one,(and like you say) add to the chips it becomes less important.
I seam to have narrowed it down to to possible candidates R5LOT and X336XON, anybody know of these??
The 2nd one does not have the race seats and harness pack fitted- how much is it for the genuine articles from Lotus, (my local dealer is very slow in getting back to me).
N.B. David - you could be right, I may regret it but I think it’s best to walk away when you’re not 100% on something .

If I remember correctly the seats are a grand or so and you need a bar fitted for the harness to attached to, so I think you’re looking at a couple.



Seats are a grand or so EACH! (They were a �1K (a pair) upgrade when speccing the car new).

What about the ones in Russ’ car?


They’re a bit charred (Only kidding!)

Russ’s are from Eliseparts & I think they cost around �400 each. However, I don’t find them as comfy as the Lotus item, plus they mount higher so I find a fair portion of the dash is obscured. This may well of course be because I’m a shortarse, so unless I wear my Elton John platforms, I can’t reach the pedals, if I can see the dash.

I personally find the Lotus seats incredibly comfy (even though there is no lumber adjustment, as in the normal seats), & have covered 400 plus miles in a day on many occasions without backache

“Reverie” make some nice carbon seats, but I’ve not been in an Exige with them fitted - has anyone else yet?

I have to confess to finding Russ’ seats a little comfy, but I put that down to me. Seemed rather well made though.

I agree on the comfort of Lotus sports seats though. I recently drove for 12 of 36 hours with not a hint of an ache (Carbon Monoxide poisoning yes, but no aches. That’s another story though). I know Uldis has bad back and drove around Europe with no probs.


OUCH !!!
I’ll can’t wait to hear the oficial price from Lotus !!

�2,000 for the pair inc harness’s subframes & harness bar etc.

Plus fitting?

Due to the bar, I don’t believe it’s a completely simple job.



I think fitting the bar is easy… all the mounting points are there so is just a matter of taking the seats out. Dave Stanley has done it and says it was a breeze…