unplugging wheel speed sensor

hi, after reading about the aural benefits from removing said plug, i am sorely tempted to disconnect mine!! I must ask though, will it cause any damage to the engine or make me lose power? And how easy is it to do? Any instructions?
Thank you!

It’s easy to do, but no longer recommended

What ECU have you got?
There was a recall on the Lotus ECU due to a potential misfire which could cause a fire.

If you’ve got an up-to-date Lotus ECU, disconnecting the speed sensor with cause the ECU to go into some kind of error mode and it will drop your rev limit to 5,500 rpm.

If you’re still on the original (pre-recall) ECU, you should probably get it reflashed by your Lotus dealer.

You should only try this mod if you’ve got an Emerald (or similar). But then you could achieve the same effect by reprogramming it.

Just wait for an Emerald if you’re going to get one, it doesn’t need the wheel speed and doesn’t use it…

…Then you have a setting to allow fuel cut off on the over run (which is the popping and banging when you lift off, throttle closes but fuel keeps getting spat in hence explodes in the exhaust )… One checkbox and you’re good to go

I have an emerald is there anyway of making it through a little extra fuel in on the over run, I have the check box unticked and it does pop and bang but I have heard other standard elises (apart from exhaust) do it better!

Not as far as I know - the throttle position sensor would be reading 0, so the ecu would be allowing the necessary amount of fuel to maintain idle…

You could try holding a bit of positive throttle , instead of lifting off altogether, but you might have to brake at the same time…

Or you could map the load position 0 sites above say 2000 rpm to dump in a load more fuel…

But the best way is to have it properly mapped and let it burn when you’re at WOT

Or like me and have the timing go funny / electrical gremlins and watch it backfire with 10" flames fromt he exhaust with every little blip of the throttle… Drives like utter crap and misses all the time

Lol how do I do that?

Just had a look at my emerald map and it looks like this!!

First, you’d need to look at the other map, the injection one…

PMSL @ Uldis

It would help

And then anything above say 2000 rpm along the top row (load site 0) highlight and keep pressing “+” intil you incinerate the aulds behind you

Haven’t a few cars met a firey end with this mod

Best left to the mx Pw*r brigade…the boys at Lotus would be holding their heads in their hands over this one

You could view some ‘performance results’ on wrecked exotics.com before adding your pride & joy to the list

First, you’d need to look at the other map, the injection one…

Doh thanks guys ok this is how it looks what should I knock them upto? Dont worry I will keep a copy of the old map so I can put it back.


I would suggest not to screw around the map.

If you only want the flames and popping and banging, why not just uncheck the Cutoff fuel on the overrun and leave it at that?
IMHO, increasing fuelling at position zero can only bring problems, the least of them pops and bangs, the worse being fire (I don’t even know if you have a CAT, that’ll be worse).
You can also cause some other damage on the long term (ex. valves, etc)

If you want flames only whay not use one of those Max Power gadgets that put out a big flame (ala Batmobile) at the press of a button?

But if you really really must, increasing by 5 row 0 starting from the column corresponding to 3000rpm and upwards will make sure you have more fuel there. Just don’t blame me if the car catches fire, or your exhaust valves wear out prematurely

Hi Uldis

Thanks for the advise! I have no cat so not a problem there.

I might give it a go and just hear what it sounds like then put the standard map back on. I already have the over fuel unticked like I said before but its not that good with the pops and bangs Iv heard standard cars do it better. Will it alter anything else in the map?? I take it full throttle etc will be ok and the only change will be the extra fuel on the overrun?



But I have to say that I particularly don’t like the pops and bangs…

Uldis, in his defence I’m sure the standard cars run a lot richer, the emerlad is a bit more positive in as much as the fueling is a bit more efficient…

…So that’s prob the difference, check it out and see… I’ve always liked the 3 foot flames out the exhaust but has to be done properly I guess

How does this moddified map look then? If ok I will give it a go today!



hmm well I just uploaded that map and took it for a quick run let it warm up and back off and it now hardly pops at all apart from on very low revs!? I checked the overrun fuel box was unticked as before and it was. Do I have it set to rich now?


It is richer, but not sure whether you meant “too rich”…

It may indeed have too much fuel now, so that may be cooling the exhaust, and thus less bang…

Trial and error seems to be the order of the day…

BUT if your exhaust falls off, or splits, or the baffles start rattling, remember who warned you !!!

I think you have to get it pretty hot for the extra fuel to ignite in contact with the manifold.

Try on a track…

hmmm, some interesting info there.
Mine is a 2001 Y reg exige with the 192 upgrade and decat eliseparts exhaust. So i cant disconnect the plug? Is it possible to do it on an s1 elise? If it is possible, how do i do it?