Tuner GP - Anyone going ?



Tony Doe will be competing in his audi-engined Exige. I think Simon Scuffham is going to be competing too.

I might head up from Birmingham if its a quite day

If the weather is good, I’ll be there. Sporting my Admin5 T-shirt.

I will be there, my car is being used as one of the honda conversion entries.


Is that the NA or S/C Honda ?

I would have really liked to be there, competing, but the stars did’t align…

Tap and I will be there doing some photography (for a change ) so look forward to seeing you guys there

Christian has an S/C Honda.

Perhaps finally you can test drive it…

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Westfield XTR2
Exige S/C Honda (Scuffers)
Porker of some description, a 996 I believe
Elise Audi 300BHP Autoteknix (Tony Does)
Porker of some description
Elise Steve Butts N/A (fastest N/A car by far)

Was a brilliant day. We held the fastest lap time from about 10.30am right up untill 4.35pm, our best time was 1.17.71 and the westy did 1.17.35.
Simon and Randy were using my car, after the westy beat our time with 25 mins to go there was some frantic activity to see if we could snatch it back.
Randy managed a 1.17.21 with about 3 minutes of the event left to run, unfortunately the westy got in a 1.17.17 with seconds to go so pipped us at the post.
Was great to see the Lotus going so well, there was a huge cheer along the pitwall when randy managed to beat the time with 3 mins to go.
Still very pleased with the result, bit unfortunate that it was a tuners event and I am unsure if a westy in 300bhp spec entered by a mag is exactly within the spirit of it, I was happy anyway.
hopefully the next one will be even better.
Dont remember seeing any vauxhalls on track although there were several parked up in the car park.
Porkers with 60k engine conversions and several monster bhp evos and skylines I was very happy with how my car performed.
Have to admit steves car was very fast too, couldnt belive how little it weighed.
All the weights are correct as we put them on the weigh bridge.
Sorry cut and pasted my seloc commented tired and need some sleep.


As Christian says, cracking day out.

We were sooooo close to getting fastest time overal but got piped right at the end by that westfield prototype thing . The times weren’t so bad though with a 1:17.2 on Christians car which has never had any setup work done on it and a 1:19 on mine running A0 39’s, the fronts of which were completely fooked. These cars are daily drivers for Christian and I so to be getting down so close to an all out track car is not too shabby.

Steve B’s car was seriously impressive weighing in at a slim line 657Kg. With his 245bhp motor that makes for a serious track weapon. The Audi looked phenominal down the straight too, you can see the thing squatting down and leaping forwards when the power comes in. The Duratec car was going well too but clearly needed some time spent on the all-important handling.

Top day

Quo’s car time was very impressive when the last time the geo was carried out was when it was still a standard exige, before all the work was carried out. Also when you consider that Quo’s car was one of the cheapest conversions shows that money is not the deciding factor!

Well done!

I have got to say that I was very impressed watching the Honda Exiges charging around the track, especially when I saw them storm past the Porsche.

I was also surprised at how much boot space they had for touring with as well.

What a great day Christian’s car definately had the moral victory and there was a great Lotus team atmosphere. So nice to see all that exotic metal being whooped by Quo’s roadcar

Well done to Simon and Randy too - truly an inspired lap by Randy at the end. Was wonderful to be standing on the pitwall, see Randy on a charge appear on the straight, hear him howl by (which sounded remarkably like this !!!) and then hear on the tannoy that he had taken the lead Much jubiltaion all round,…so what if a completely different class of (non road) car ultimately won.

Tap and I of course tooks lots of pics so expect a gallery soon…realised on the way home that I did not take a pic of the team with the car,…never mind.

Ok so here is the plan,…everyone needs to buy loads of prints from the gallery to fund a SC Honda for my car,…I want a tie-figter too

Wow, just got in from Anglesey & seen this fantastic result

Well done to everyone involved with all the Loti - great for peeps to have a few different excellent conversions/developments to chose from

Benja how do I go about getting some photos of my car, can you supply them on a DVD?
Must admit actually hearing my car go by from the pit wall, it does sound suprisingly like a tie-fighter


Fair play guys!!!



Benja how do I go about getting some photos of my car, can you supply them on a DVD?
Must admit actually hearing my car go by from the pit wall, it does sound suprisingly like a tie-fighter


Tie Fighter indeed

Tap and I are just about to put up a gallery (he has my output and is doing it right now). We do high quality prints for the remarkably reasonable prices shown below Find a shot you like, mail the link in the gallery and we’ll do the rest. Rest assured that my share of any proceeds from prints sales go directly towards my tie fighter conversion Based on business to date I should be there by 2094


I see the november issure of Track and Race car goes on sale 13th october wonder if they say anything about the tuner gp in it.
Definately up for a few pictures benja will help towards honda fund, should be at the jovial sailer on thursday if you fancy taking it out for a spin


should be at the jovial sailer on thursday if you fancy taking it out for a spin

Sold,…see you then