Trackday Insurance Cover

Hello Exigers, just registered and just introducing myself. I traded my S2 Elise in for a new laser blue Exige (with sport pack and air con) at Murray in Edinburgh on 1st March. The Exige is a fantastic machine, money well spent I say! Can anyone suggest an insurance broker that will help with either trackday cover or a policy that includes trackday cover. I’m going to Knockhill soon! Thanks


Your best bet is to do a search on ‘insurance’ as that’s answered quite regularly (and we never remember all the same advice).

Cheers, Ian

Welcome Keith, also got mine from MMC.!! Im booked on the HM in Friday and theres a street legal day on sunday. If my tyres hold up ill try and do both. Driving standards have always been excellent so i dont bother with insurance and also no noise restrictions! Some providers give free track cover and some provide additional cover for a fee but the excess is always a killer. If you aint already a member of SE why not visit, hope to see you at a track day soon, cheers Ed

THB - the people that took over from Egger Lawson (same address and telephone number) - have a sports car policy that offers EITHER windscreen cover OR four trackdays included, with additional trackday cover available. Egger Lawson specialise in racing insurance (e.g. road insurance for rally cars between stages).

The basic price is less than I was paying last year with Ensign (through Adrian Flux) - �330 for �20k and around �250 excess - mind you I am an old fogey this was for 3000 miles maximum road use.

Thanks for insurance feedback, I accept that if driving standards and car values are high, no need for insurance. I’ll look up SE website.

I phoned CCI to quote me for insurance
Last year they quoted �1600
They managed to more than half that quote this year

I’ve heard that CCI can provide trackday cover for around 1% value of car as a “one off”. Probably ok for a complete day, but not for a couple of hours (risk/rewards!)

I have insured through them a couple of times for half days etc still costs too much
The quote is for year policy BTW
Problem is I doubt they will recognise KH as a good TD organiser which means I still wont be covered for TD at KH

Well seeing that I did this this afternoon I’ll share:

Autotorque - �900 (although need to take commuting off)

  • 5 free trackdays
  • Unlimited miles
  • �500/�2500/�50ish (road/track/windscreen)

Heritage - �672 (no NCB policy)

  • Club trackdays free (eg. LoT), others �60+ each
  • 5000 miles, can carry spare miles over to the next year
  • �500/�500(result!..although wouldn’t want to need it!)/�50ish

Esteem - �728

  • 5 free trackdays (the �25ish, I think)
  • Not sure on miles, not silly low
  • �500/�2500/�40

CIC - �724

  • Need to be in owners club or 10% more
  • 4 trackdays
  • 3000 miles
  • �350/�2500/not covered if you have trackdays!

What would you do?


Half of them wont cover me

Heritage looks the best. I’m insured through First Point, �600 p.a. limited to 10,000 miles p.a. but no track insurance avaliable at any cost! Wonder if I could live with just 5,000 miles p.a. I would need a second car which makes it all very expensive!

The “advantage” of using a daily CCI policy, is that should you have an off while on track it doesn’t affect your road policy/NCD etc. and useful if your road policy doesn’t cover you for track use.

Guess it depends on how many track days you are going to do hell you could end up spending over �1300 if you did 10 TDs a year

Does anyone know if Autoquotes TD cover is as picky with TD organisers?

Think i’d do Esteem from that lot IDG.

compared to Heritage, the Esteem one pays for itself after the 1st TD… assuming you don’t ever mash it of course…

I think you might be right Rox. Although I like David’s point.


Its quite a premium to pay though, especially if you have protected NCB.

Time of year for hunting my insurance down too.


6k p.a. ; free trackdays if through recognised organiser ; �1k track xs ; �500 road xs ; �60 glass xs
�728.80 for above but with 7k p.a.

Honda SC premium loading between 25 and 50%

Seems like a reasonable deal, however a bit different to my normal A.Flux premium of �420 for 10k p.a. but no track days.
I don’t think track day insurance is worth it unless you damage the chassis or write-off / fire.

CCI wanted over �900
AON wouldn’t cover Fiona
Still waiting for Autotorque to get back.

Going to try CIG to see if they can improve on it.

Any others I’ve missed?

a bit different to my normal A.Flux premium of �420 for 10k p.a. but no track days.

Was that before or after you had the s/c added?

I don’t think track day insurance is worth it unless you damage the chassis or write-off / fire.

Isn’t that the point - you don’t exactly plan what to damage and if you are going to have a track accident you are more likely to you both?

Still waiting for Autotorque to get back.

no change there then

Not had SC Honda conversion (yet), was just interested to find out what the loading would be if I just happened to get one half way through the policy.

Agreed about the trackday insurance. Just loathed to pay for something that doesn’t make the car go any faster or stop quicker

Are Autotorque that poor at customer service then?

Any others I’ve missed?

Esteem (who I’ve just gone with) - 01384 552731