What was he doing following you into your garage?

Nice looking S2 though.


no thought id post a pic for him cos he must not of seen much of me but the garage bit made me laugh

Just out of curiosity, have you owned an Impreza in the past ?

yes why quite a few which model do u refer to wrx,sti ra,uk 300,p1 etc cos from the few i metion i had them all why u ask?

Just out of curiosity, have you owned an Impreza in the past ?

Translation: “We’re more about our cars than egos”

i find this hard to believe, unless your car is running more power than standard. or it may have been a 260 model which are not true bloods.

im after an exige myself, and test driving one next week, and im not expecting it to be even close to my evo on a duel carriage. maybe on a tight twisty track you might out perform, come further up the a1 to Newcastle and ill have a run out with you, i would be very interested in what the 2 cars perform like side by side before i take the plunge.


keep your evo mate if its that good why you even looking for a exige??? lotus in my blood plus i sell cars for living and i know how much evos loose a month in book

Perhaps you should also look at how much Lotus’s loose too

yes why quite a few which model do u refer to?

None in particular, just your attitude is very much inkeeping with Impreza owners who see the road as a racetrack. Save it for the track, m’kay.

i certainly wouldnt underestimate EVO’s.

I recall when they tested it on the same day in the dry, the evo8 340 was faster around angelsy track than the exige.

im sure the evo would also be a fair bit faster in a straight line

Most Evo�s will piss all over an Exige. In a straight line drag, and probably on a track with two novice drivers, the evo would be ten times easier to drive and disappear in to the horizon on the straights with all that power they have.

Maybe a S1 Exige or Elise with a Honda SC may come close be most evo’s aren�t standard… I�ve heard 600 bhp some of them can run at!

Don’t go getting into drag racing on the roads as you will make us all look like idiots. (I�ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt).

Just play it cool and pull over and let them over take…that way they will never know how underpowered the exige really is

hey Andy you started the tread and have been shot down. I’m not going to keep the evo because its faster, i know it is, like some one else said in a straight line and in inexperienced hands on a track, i had a 6 before this and loved that to, but after over 2 years I’m getting bored beating most cars i play with, i now fancy a drivers car with abit more excitement, thats why I’m testing the exige and have already been in a noble.
was not trying to have a pop by offering a bit play, just so i can say mines faster than yours, i would like to see how the 2 cars compare together.


I recall when they tested it on the same day in the dry, the evo8 340 was faster around angelsy track than the exige.

Driven by who?

I used to have an Evo 6, fantastic car, can really take liberties but thats mainly due to the computer assistance.
Took it on the track and whilst it was fast it has no where near the driver involvement that the exige has, and no where near the satisfaction of going fast that the exige also has.
A friend on mine had a subaru P1 at the time I bought my Exige(when it was standard) at bedford the only place he was faster than me was down the main straight, through the bends he was holding me up, now bearing in mind the P1 came out when the Evo 6 was around, I looked at both and chose the Evo, I would say that even a standard exige would beat an evo 6 if there wasnt too many long straights.
On the road in a drag race im guessing it would be quite close although with the amount of drag the exige has, and the fact the rover k runs out of oomph around 100-110mph Ive no doubt the evo would clear off.
But things have changed now, I have the SC Honda in my exige, It would anniliate an Evo round the track, as proven at the tuner GP, RC developments were there with their 900+bhp car and that was slower than mine, litchfields had some 500+bhp scooby there and that was slower, there was a couple of 600+bhp porkers there too and they were both slower.
I dont do standing starts in mine, or drag racing over the quarter as to be honest that doesnt really interest me, again a highly modified evo would likely have a higher top speed, but anyone can drive fast in a straight line so what is there really to prove.
I loved my evo but I drove like I stole it all the time, but going back to basics is where its at, the thrill of driving the exige knowing that its purely my inputs that guide it round the track makes a far better drive at the end of the day.
Looking forward to the next Tuner GP if I decide to go, there might be a few more mods on the way to make it go a bit faster.


well said

I’ll just chuck my 2p in too I had 3 Caterhams, a Scooby WRX TypeR, then an EVO V1, immediately before buying my Exige new in Jan 2001.

I NEVER want to get rid of the Exige, especially now that it’s Honda’d.

Trust me, he’s about to be passed!


[Thanks to mike lane for scanning it from the Avon catalog and Bookatrack for looking after it]

On a track an evo is easy prey but down a country lane 99.9% of drivers will be quicker in an Evo.