The future, this site and skimlinks

Hello all.

In order to try and drive this place on I want to move from a free web forum software to something a bit, well, better.

We currently use phpBB. Its fine for free but I would really like to move to a paid forum software platform.

I dont particularly want to put my hand in my pocket for this, and I am not expecting you to either.

My masterplan involves affiliate links provided by skimlinks.

How this works is if you buy anything online you just start a post, paste the link into the post, refresh the page and proceed to buy the item from link.

We will get a small % of the sale price and you wont notice a thing. Your price does not go up.

Typical example : ebay.
Find your product, copy the link or basket into a new post here.
Close your existing link, click the post you have just made an purchase.

Voila. Club gets ~3% of that value.

Free money for the club.

Phpbb’s lack of features and ease definitely has kept it in the 2000’s. It’s not good for image uploading (not your fault Andy!) and while it’s very flexible and free it’s a ballache to maintain.

Moving to something else Pros

  • Interface and image upload much more modern and easier to use
  • Hosting & server maintenance taken care of

Moving to something else Cons

  • Users have to ‘learn’ a new interface
  • Users already happy knowing how to use this one (rare we see anyone with issues)
  • Cost (and I say this knowing you’re forking out for some hosting to keep the existing one running)
  • Fiddly to operate the money-earning link thing on a mobile device (NYLOC is 40% desktop / 60% mobile)
  • The risk of the links not earning enough to cover the software / hosting costs

I see both sides. NYLOC nearly switched to a couple of alternatives over the years but we never pulled the trigger. I don’t really know if it would be worth it now anyway - hate to say it but phpbb just works, albeit clunky. I’m one who always wants to change stuff, but then there are plenty of people who won’t self-checkout at the supermarket… horse / water etc.

Bloody hell I’ve sat on the fence again :unamused: :wink:

I’m a phpbb luddite I’ll be honest, I like it because it’s clean and not fussy. There are other forums out there which are on newer software and they just feel bloaty and clunky to use, but that may be down to implementation rather than software.

All that said, you can’t stand still for the luddites and where I’m happy to crop, resize and upload my images independently of the forum and use IMG tags to post them, not everybody is - and if that’s choking the contributions from potential new members then it must be changed and I’ll support it whichever way we go.

If the skimlinks help support and fund that, then count me in. :thumbup:

In regards to learning a new interface. This is is a site that I run as well as here ( not for profit , just like here! )

You will note the similarities of the layout there, so not much more to learn.

The posting edtior is not radically different either, but “prettier”

The main issue I have with phpbb is the glacial development. I appreciate its free but nothing exciting has happened with this platform.

However, if you lot dont want it , Ill not hammer the point across!

don’t bother with skimlinks etc
Just offer club supporter status, with an annual contribution, job done

Interesting. Noted that point Dave.

I’d much prefer to just PayPal across a donation than to have the skimlink section - the site is worth something to me, so I’m happy to pay towards its upkeep. But that’s just my opinion. :thumbup:

I think since Andy upgraded it, the look of the forum is great. I’d be happy to make a contribution to upkeep.

Ditto. Fine to pay a club supporter contribution annually.

Same here, happy to make a contribution :thumbup:

I’d contribute too, have you crunched any numbers for uptake vs £ contributed? I think SELOC is maybe £15. I really can’t remember. Only cost of 3 pints or so :man_shrugging:t3:

$160 for the basic software then $55 per year after support.

Sorry late to this, but I’d contribute, it’d not be huge amount, and site important to me, grateful it’s here and to community and your efforts especially Andy.

Another chipperinnerer here :thumbup:

More importantly, will we get an calendar and sticker with our subscription??? :smiley:

£1500 / subscription and we have a deal

if subscription is for a calender I’m out!!!

Sorry chaps, how SELOC of me…. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

How about we just settle for an enhanced forum platform, with a membership eCard and exclusive discounts??? :wink:

I don’t post much on hear at all and I have yet to make a meet. So not sure if I have any weight. I would probably be happy to contribute. I started on the old Lotus BBS of yore and I really didn’t get the conversion to the ‘other’ site but spend more time there I must admit. Anything that makes image posting easy as well as easy navigation for me. I prefer lists as I learnt on Windows!

Andy - just to get this straight in my mind, this is the cost to change from phpBB to new platform?