The decision... The Exige has to go I'm afriad...

Well I’m fairly commited to the fact that the Exige has to go sadly, it’s been a great couple of years, some real highs and some [censored] lows

But I really need to straighten out my finances and finding I’m missing out on a few other things because of a car / toy. That with I’m getting too busy to do as many trackdays means it’s getting used less and less so seems pretty pointless keeping it, I’d rather sell it someone who will make more use of it!

So just drawing up the ad now… All the good points and all the bad points, honestly is how I’ve always sold all my cars

So does anyone have any ideas for a replacement? Requirements is to be driven everyday, not get as much attention as the Exige, which is cool but can be quite frustrating when you’re in a hurry / not in the mood Able on a track, won’t be as quick or as “dynamic” but still can be peddled round at a reasonable rate… Ideally RWD…

…I’m fairly set on a Gen III RX-7, I know they’re pretty juicy but with an aftermarket ECU you can improve this to Exige levels really…

Any other suggestions?

Also does anyone want to take over my Exige site:

Anyone’s more than welcome

hello mate

sorry to hear your selling it, im too looking to buy one within the next 3 months, and cant wait, i had an elise for 2 years but had to sell for house reasons.

My mate had an rx-7 for a year and it turned out to be pretty unreliable, so take you time in buying one

I would highly recommend an integra type r for your next car, it wouldnt be as quick as the exige, but is awesome on the track, it is the best handling ff car on the planet, closely followed by the forus rs. doesnt get as much attention, but at the same time will embaris a few people with the right driver behind the wheel.

good luck matey


Hmmm… I’m gonna see a few RX-7’s first, but always fancied them in a big way, I’ll save for a bit and try and get a low milage one…

But integra type R’s are an good option actually, definately rapid! Saw a couple going round anglesea on 3 wheels on A048’s! Top stuff!

Cheers J

Sorry to hear your selling mate

Must admit its crossed my mind too lately as Ive just bought a house and moneys a bit tight

But I know Id regret it so its just going to have to sit in the garage gathering dust for a while!

Let us know how you get on! What about buying an Elise for a bit! Nearly as much fun, cheaper to keep on the road!!!

Cheers Paul

I’ll have a think on alternatives.


Sounds like what you need is a new Lotus Europa - available March 06 I understand

What about a BMW MCOUPE…Not for everyone but stricking and a cracking engine.

Hi Mark

Sorry to hear your thoughts about changing cars

I know you prefer rwd, but I rate the Clio Trophy

We’ll miss ya if you go!

Both of those would surely be similar money to Mark’s Exige…so he may as well just keep the Exige!

What about a Ford Racing Puma? �8-9k looks like a hair dressers car, goes like an Integra. Cheap-ish to run.

Or a Scooby. Or what about an MR2?!


yeah he’s right the puma puma would be a lot of fun aswell, you could pick up a nice integra between 6-9k. Check this vid out:

integra vs elise vs exige, although i dont think the exige is fully on it, interesting vid theres not really a lot in it between the teg and the elise, not forgetting the teg is front wheel drive

let me know what you think

regards J

Cheers guys! Whatever happens I’ll always pop back to make inane comments

ITR does seem tempting, I’ll have to see what the market is about, but some good suggestions… I’d still really fancy a RWD motah, so the BMW is an option, some 93ish M3’s are a pretty good price… But then I’d rather have a Toyota badge than a Beemer badge

Ian! LOL! So the racing Puma would be for me as it looks like a hairdressers car but goes like an integra It’s a fair cop!

Also been thinking about an MR2 again, either a MkI with the MkII Turbo lump in the back, 220bhp standard, easy to get a lot more! Or just a MkII turbo, 94+ as they had the better engine.

But still tempted by the RX-7… Lots of power, toys and proper suspension, double wishbones all round, none of the mcpherson strut crap on the MR2’s

Ian! LOL! So the racing Puma would be for me as it looks like a hairdressers car but goes like an integra It’s a fair cop!

Hey, don’t get so touchy! I thought you were after something that got less attention. The Puma would win over either the Exige or Integra (well in white at least).

But what about Andyk’s suggestion? The BMer Mcoupe is the drivers BMW and cheaper than the M3.


Well, the M-Coupe is a bit too much really… And not sure if I fancy a Beemer really. Weird I guess but

I’m trying to save some money here

I’m seriously getting tempted by a Gen III RX-7 tho’… RWD, turbo nutter machine, pretty light for it’s size, decent suspension… No belts to worry about, just the alternator / air con belt But then rebuilds are an issue

I may do that and see how it goes really

I am with you on the BMW thing.

I would be pissed off if I found one…

I’d just HAVE to sell it… After caining it mercilessly for a few months

But I think I’m pretty set on a RX7 type r (now Mazda reserved ALL their types for this, there’s a Type x, a type s, a type r, a type r2, a type rs and a type rz… There maybe more to uncover yet however )… And I’ve always fancied them, plus the rotary will be new interest plus turbo’s which I’ve never had much dealings with so will be a nice change me thinks


sorry to hear your leaving the fold… you’ll be sadly missed… i hope you can keep in touch when you get your tumble dryer…

Sorry to hear that you are leaving us,…I’m sure you will be back. We may need to draft in your graphic design expertise from time to time

I used to have an MCoupe and they have actually gone up in price A 51 plate on 30k miles is commanding around the �29k mark. I hear you about the BMW thang,…never felt completely at ease. You just cannot argue with that S54 engine though,…it is a gem.

Good luck with the RX7, Tap has just bought an RX8 and is loving it. He also has a ITR DC2 which is great fun and would be ideal if you want some track action too - there would also be no costs to upgrade to a Honda engine,…it handily comes with one

Cheers guys! Will certainly keep in touch! And no probs about the graphic skills

Hopefully will still be able to make a few of the trackdays if I’m allowed

LOL about the ITR, defo on the list, just not quite as sexy as the RX7 IMHO God I’m so affected LOL! But first things first, the Lotus must go sadly! One day I’ll be back, but hopefully in a better position, ideally a garage atteched to my house rather than a 5 minute drive away

Been asking about RX-7’s on a circuit, looks like the rad, Intercooler and brakes (of course!) need sorting out, so nothing too major in the grand scheem of things, should all be good!


As you seem set on an RX7, may I suggest that you contact Chris Wilson [email protected]

Chris will be able advise you, particularly about tracking an RX7, & may also be able to source one for you

Mark… not being funny, but personally I think the RX7 is going to cost you a fortune in maintainance.

You’ve sorted most the issues on your Squeege and the engine seems one of the better ones. With all these Hondas around there are plenty of VHPDs knocking about if you need a replacement. A replacement RX7 engine won’t be as cheap.

imho an Elise/Exige is an incredibly cheap car to run