Taking the plunge

Hi guys, think I’m going to buy this on Saturday, what’s your thoughts on it ?? Price spec ect !!!

Any feed back would be great, good or bad

Looks great :sunglasses:

Do it,…and try and negotiate £1090 off to spend on coming on 3 x awesome exiges trackdays next year :smiley:

I can’t wait till my first track day in one :slight_smile: I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep all week now haha

What’s the best exhausts for these cars ?? Is it better to change out hole system or just the back box ?

If its still fitted with the standard system, id recommend changing the back box for a Stage 2 or 3 Lotus Part. Or your other options are 2bular http://www.2bular.co.uk

My vote would be 2bular. Had one on my 260s for 4 years and sounded great.

Although it had got a bit louder as expected still only about 100db and no drone when cruising.

Had a Quicksilver before which blew the packing out after 8 months which made it 107db and weighed lots more too.

Thanks for reply guys, is them photos of a 2bular ??

How much are the back boxes and where the best place to buy.

Thanks chaps

The shiny one is the 2bular and the other the Quicksilver it replaced. Although much bigger the 2bular was much lighter.

Think was about £500. http://www.2bular.co.uk/

Thanks, I’ll be ordering one once iv purchase my car tomorrow !! :slight_smile: I hope

OK, now I don’t have to be politically correct. If we are talking about packing being blown out, I have seen 2bular back boxes empty themselves of packing in less than 1,000 miles. It blows my mind why these are held in such high regard.

There, I’ve said it. Been holding onto that for a few years. Flame suit on.

However those that know me, know I don’t bull shit. I will only ever comment on what I have personal experience of and know to be fact.

On there Web site the mention a packing kit ?? I take it it’s to replace the blown out exhaust. Is this correct. Is there any others out there that work well ??

So where should we spend our money to get good sound but acceptable to circuits?. Mines due for change before next season.

Keep saying it like it is . :imp:

In the end all packing destructs it is only natural a lot of heat and pressure, re packable silencers then have there own structural issues long term unless the weigh a metric tonne,

Given the failure rate of most exhausts on the SC cars, 2bular one do seem to have the best longevity as most others seem to fail more quickly. If you use your car on track exhausts in my mind are consumable items (less so on a turbo or NA car) but none the less still consumable. Get what you want, but I know where my money has gone and will go in the future to try to keep it quiet and not too heavy.
At the end of the day Jim is probably one of the only guys who will make you what you want as well, I know as there is a work of art I wanted hanging off the back of my car :wink:

I had a Larini race back box which blew the packing out, but it was 2 years old. Can’t complain as they sent me a new exhaust as a replacement.
Before that had a 2bular which also blew the packing out after a year and started to drone.
So I decided the best option was the standard exhaust and fitted that back on, if I knew that before it would have saved me a shed load of money and hassle.
Glad that the LF1 sounds great as is :thumbup:


I’ve had a 2bular on for 3 years 9,000 miles, a 20hp power upgade and a reasonable number of trackdays and it is still (just about) ok for noise on a Bedford trackday. I’ve been very happy with it. However ‘you pays your money and makes takes your chace’ or something along those lines. Factory standard is still the quietest option. It had a Lotus stage 3 exhaust on when I bought the car and that was unliveable - had a terrible drone.

The one I bought is just standard so il see how that goes for a few weeks. But I’m swaying towards the 2bular :slight_smile:

Also guys the car im buying has the old Alcantara dash, am I making a mistake. As I went for this one, cos a preferred it to the plastic one. Will it be a problem when I come to sell or not ??

All exhausts will get noisier without doubt but the 2bular on my 260S sounded great after nearly 4 years but was I am sure close to 100bd.

Still no drone on the motorway even when I sold the car 3 months ago.

If you decide on a 2bular give Jim plenty of notice as he always has a lot of orders in, that said he supplied the one for my Evora in 4 weeks from order which was another work of art and 10kg lighter than the standard.

you will have no resale issues with the old dash style, like you many prefer it including me :wink:

I would think long and hard about anything that wasn’t repackable. Thinking outside the box, they neither have sealing issues or need to weigh more than a non repackable one. The key, as with everything ‘uprated’ is to buy the one that suits you and your use - don’t fit race pads for a commuter only car, don’t fit a repackable exhaust and complain that the fittings seize when you haven’t touched it for 3 years, don’t buy a sealed exhaust and complain when you get kicked off for noise, etc, etc, etc.

There is no exhaust packing on the market that I have come across, that can handle the temps and gas speeds that a turned up SC engine can produce, when they are so close coupled to the engine in an Exige.

The Honda SC race car we ran would empty a silencer of the best accoustafil stuff/wire wool/anything else you can suggest in a weekend of one test day, quali and 2 x 25 min races. It turned into dust, vapour and some funky glass beads that either fired out the tailpipe or rattled around the inside of the can. The whole exhaust to the tailpipe tip used to glow red on the dyno with a 30 second power run, after a couple of runs. Toyota’s are much the same.

Speak to Dave at SL for an interesting option. As with everything in the world you do get what you pay for. And this isn’t a dig a Jim in any way shape or form.

Factory one is most definitely the quietest. The downside is that its also the most restrictive and short lived.