Still for sale

Well lets see if it goes this time. 16k and no reserve. Wheres that guy that wants a Honda Exige. Get him to deliver it to Dover. that has sorted out a little of your problem

Nath, does it have AirCon?

It’s weird, cos it looks like a nice car… those seats add value too.

I think people went a bit nuts buying new cars about 2 or 3 years ago (when equity became the new buzz word). Now they are screwed financially and a “toy” like the exige is not going to be high on their shopping list.

About 2 months ago I was thinking about getting an M3 (due to a new family member), and I was offered �12K trade in.

I hope you manage to sell yours, IMO �16K is a bargain.

does it have AirCon?



does it have AirCon?


That’ll be for Aberdeen, & for Spain/Portugal then.


What’s the deal with this particular Exige? The chap in Newcastle has been trying to shift it for months!

Have any of you guys up there been to see it?

Is it a complete
[image][/image] ?

Me and Bertone on here have both seen it and it is rough to say the least!!! Hence why he has had it well over a year at a very reasnable price! That red alcantara can’t help

I like red alcantara

One of my old Exiges had red alcantara too and I didn’t have too much trouble selling it.

I’m only looking at the pictures, but the paint seems clean (fresh !?) enough… what is rough about it that’s going to be dear to straighten ?

Almost good base-car-for-conversion territory.

Wheres that guy that wants a Honda Exige

I am looking for a Honda Exige so might be me. Unfortunately I simply hate red interiors in a car
and also would prefer to buy a finished product as I live far from UK and your sinclaires, maidstone and so on. Lucky you.

Yer that red is shocking like!

Oh my God, is this car still for sale !!!


We should all club together to buy this one - it could depress S1 residuals

I dunno, how many S1 owners are there on here… you could form a cartel .


If I remember rightly one our very own emailed him asking further details and got a load of abuse sent back to him…thats probably why it hasnt sold!

i cant see it ever selling.
it could be a good conversion…race base type thing though


Is that no plate just resting on the bonnet or is it really stuck on there?


It looks kind of OK in the pictures. It probably would make a good Audi car.