Speedline specific wheel nuts???

Do all of you other peeps that use the Speedlines use different wheel nuts?

As I am sure we all know, the angle of the seat where the wheel nut sits on the wheel is different on the speedlines to the standard wheels, so I am wondering what everyone else does and if you use different nuts that fit the speedlines properly, where do you get them from?

I have bolted up the speedline with the standard nuts, but it doesn’t feel great and it isn’t the right thing to do.

Other than different nuts I was thinking about knocking the seats out of the Speedlines and having them machined to fit the standard exige wheel nut.

Or maybe I could buy another set of standard nuts and have the mounting face machined on those to fit the standard speedline seat.

Decisions, decisions!! What do the rest of you do???



The Speedlines just take std Elise nuts matey.

I got mine from B&C, they popped them in the post.

I know the Edwards got Speedline to but new seats in but they weren’t keen to do it again.


Oh ok, well that sounds good. So basically any S1 elise wheel nut will do???

Yep. I use these from Geary. Even cheaper and more robust than the Lotus OEM items. The standard Elise wheel nuts have a spherical seat - the black Exige nuts (ie Rimstock wheels) use a tapered seat. Speedlines have spherical seats - as per standard Elise wheels.


Look good too.


To All those running Speedlines and rear spacers

Have you checked if the wheel hub still located on the hub spigot ? - I saw this yesterday and realised that with the Speedline taper you end up with NO spigot location - which aint very clever at all …

Please take a look and let me know


Might need a bit more help understanding what I’m looking for there Andy?

I think the spigot he’s referring to is like a locating pin, is it?

Mine (and all other Exiges I’ve seen) don’t have any locating pin.
It would serve no purpose as the hubs have studs, not holes…

Sorry if you were talking about something else.

Think Andy means the large hole in the middle of the wheel that locates the wheel onto the hub (where the rear hub nut fits). There is a flange on the hub that sticks out about 10mm that locates the wheel. With some large spacers the spigot ring won�t locate on this flange which puts all the load onto the wheel nuts.


I think you are correct - on an Exige the wheel studs do not take the loading rather the spigot or flange takes the loading - wheel spacers will move the point of loading off the spigot.

These type 2 spacers look good if you can find them for the Exige (or make some), the spacer bolts to the hub then the wheel bolts to the spacer


I was fretting about spacers before my last track day and ran without them in the end (mainly because I forgot to buy some!).

Was fine in the end. No rubbing or chaffing occured.

Alex have you got a pic of the whole car with speedlines on they do look oh so

Sorry … to make it clear


When you use a spacer you run out of width as indicated - meaning the wheel no longer locates on this diameter - question is am I correct ?




What did the motorsport boys do? Do they have a differnet hubs?


ps. Thanks for the txt Andy, will call you shortly.

I must admit I never noticed this. And I normally look for small details.
Maybe there’s no issue?

I’ll see next time I fit the speedlines, but might take a while, like next week.

Andy don’t you think I have spent enough money on the car I don’t need reminding how damned good black cars look on Speedlines

Black cars always look good…

Especially with Speedlines…


but I should have washed it and used black gaffer tape…

Black cars always look good…

Especially with Speedlines…but I should have washed it and used black gaffer tape…

Absolutely Mike, without doubt black is the best colour.

However, instead of investing in coordinated black gaffer tape I plan to take the ‘avoiding the pitwall’ route Only joking just glad that you and the car are ok. Btw I might be blagging rides at Donny as it looks like my car will be at a crucial stage of its heart transplant…woohoo my car is getting Honda’d ,…boohoo it won’t be ready for Donny