Speedline specific wheel nuts???

Alex have you got a pic of the whole car with speedlines on they do look oh so

And another one then!


Passenger rides at Donny will only cost a roll of black gaffer tape

(I take the view that if I actually have something, I won’t need it anymore!!!)

Don’t worry mike, your car will be looking like new again by then

Cheers Alex!!!

I will be on the phone tomorrow.

Andy, I haven’t spoke to Russell regarding the location of the motorsport hub flange. Will call him tomorow and let you know what I find out.


Just to visit a very old thread, but trying to ensure I have the right nuts for Speedlines. A bit confused by spherical, radial, tapered etc. I know from posts Speedline want S1 Elise nuts rather than S1 Exige.

Can anyone confirm if these are correct (I wanted black ones rather than silver which reduced the options)


Also I wanted to fit spacers to rear, to sit in arches better. Can anyone help re which spacers please?

Thank you :+1:t2:

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The ones on the ebay link look like a taper seat and so would not be compatible with a standard Speedline which used the spherical seat of early Elise wheels - see here

and here

However would be best to check your wheels just in case you found some where the seats had been changed.

I used a 3mm spacer when I ran Speedlines but I was never 100% comfortable as they do leave little or no location on the hub centre diameter as the chamfer on the wheel is quite deep.

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Thank you for the reply. I’m 90% sure the Speedline I have have a tapered inner. It’s looks that way visually and I also pushed a lump of blue tack into the hole to see and it gives impression of being a straight edge. I m planning to get a more Road biased geo done on the car this Spring given I don’t track it now and going to get Speedline fitted at same time just to ensure I don’t do something stupid.

You mentioned 3mm spacers I was guessing 25mm so I’m clearly off on that guess as well. Hence I think deferring to a specialist ! Thanks for your insight appreciated it

Memory fade … I think a 5mm spacer brings back Speedlines to the ET of the Rimstocks and then you run out of location … 3mm is just enough to avoid rubbing on the tub.
I just realised I still have a set in the UK if anyone is desperate for the Speedline look :slight_smile: