Southern meet - Sunday 28th Sept, 2pm

The following has been suggested - Sunday 28th September 2pm, Weatsheaf in North Waltham,146164&st=4&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

Who’s up for it?


ps. The Grand Prix coverage doesn’t start until 6:15pm

I’m game

This link has a map for the Pub
Come on they must be more interest than the three of us!

And then there was four See you on the 28th

Sorry I didn’t reply before now (I’d been suggesting a meet in the dogs bol**cks thread). Managed to fall off my surfboard and break my foot! First time back online …

A definite maybe if get the car back from dealers in time

Come on you guys - I am buying!!

i’m in.A chance to bring my black beast out for its first outing!

Excellent… thats 1% of the total manufactured
The list so far
Me Blue Beast
Ian ??? Beast
Mike ??? Beast
Sleepmonster ??? Beast
DavidR Hopefully fixed Beast
Russ C Black Beast

Just a note if any of you are getting off the M3 junction J9 to the A33 there is one speed camera just after you enter the 50MPH on the A33 I dont know of any more in the area

Mike = black beast !


enjoy everyone… 6 cars a nice wee turn-out…

whatch out for them there dragons…

There be DRAGONS ??

Well tiz fine sport, me hearties !!

Sleepmonster, aka Richard

Red Beast (the only one in existence … NOT!) - minus its usual roof-mounted surfboard shaped spoiler

Assuming Lakeside Engineering get it through its MOT today…

Count me in as well.


Does this mean we’re now ‘The Magnificent Seven’?

So Mark and I are going to drive down from around oxford/Wantage area. Anybody else going thats local to oxfordshire, who wants to meet and drive down ?


Just a public thanks to my friend Gman (ViperExige) with whom I will be travelling on Sunday. I haven’t found ‘the’ car yet, so the next best thing is being a passenger.

If i can get a weekend pass then count me in, i think my car is ok haven’t started it for weeks !!

Magnificent 8…

Except that my car got the full throttle gremlin ten minutes from the end of the trackday at Donnington today…

errr I mean that was the end of the trackday… (sorry guys - not my fault)

If I can get it fixed I will still be there, but time is running out!!

I’ll be searching the site to find out the cure…

I have a Sunday pass, so see you there