South London & Surrey Sunday Pub Lunch

Prompted by Randy’s spotting of a yellow 'un in Farnham, it looks like the consensus is that many of us are relatively local and that we should meet up for a Sunday publunch and a shandy (and probably S2 lamentings if recent threads are anything to go by )

Assuming everyone is busy over Easter, how about a Sunday towards the end of April - say the 25th?? (should give IDG chance to iron out his RF-induced gremlins )

Guys,I’d like to join you if I may I’m over in Kent though (along with another Exige owner),so as long as it’s not too far 'round the jolly old M25,and the date suits…

More the merrier - we just need someone in that neck of the woods to canvas a decent establishment with a fair size car park…

We could meet in the same pub as last year, it has a good car park and is just off junction 7 of the M3… Also IDG could get the bus if he is still having problems!!
Simon and Elaine

Well thanks for the suggestion Simon/Elaine, very caring!

I’ll check with the social secretary and come in the Puma if it’s still all horribly wrong on the Exige front.


25th is good for me . Looking forward to the smell of beer and taste of petrol .

25th works !!! Just let me know location etc when it gets firmed up as I wasn’t at last years.




Date’s looking good (even if the car’s not!).


Date’s looking good (even if the car’s not!).


Maybe you can persuade someone with a trailer to come and pick you up (again)


I’m just taking it to the Lotus doctor, feels a bit like taking a sick pet to the vets.


Count me in.

Suuposed to be in Derby with the inlaws that weekend, so this is just the reason I need to leave early on Sunday morning at get back home !!!

Con McL.

This is a link to the pub we met at last year it has a very good car park

If you think this looks OK and if people would like Sunday lunch I will see if I can book a table?
S and E

Simon & Elaine great to meet up with you toos at Donno if beer darn sarf could be guaranteed to be not too flat and warm could def be up for a runner for this

I may pop along to this if an sad ol’ essex peasant is allowed (that’s Baldric my slave before you ask )?

More the merrier. Looking like I’ll be there with my Exige - hurrah!


Count me in, possibly with +1 passenger (in case table numbers count)… have we decided on venue ? If so do we need to reserve ?



OK so I have got the following:

Me, RemarkLima, SimonE, ConMcL, SI, SI’s mate, Turner, IDG, Randy, Pesky(did the pint indicate interest??), Escaper.

I make that 11 cars (and that is without passengers). Looks like we should defo make a booking - any more takers?

Me thinks it might be a bit complictated to get an accurate count (considering passengers) , maybe we just make a booking for 20 and see what happens??


Can I come along to ?? I will be in my Exige. And I am sure I can drag along one other. Have you decided where we are meeting yet ???

Not sure I’ll be eating but should be along after (can’t ignore the family all day!).

Don’t forget to set the tape for the GP!