exhaust, cant decide!

Got funds together for my new exhaust, been reading all the previous posts but still no further forward. Has anyones opinion changed from before? Any new ones you’ve heard about?

The Yoshimura one would be my choice …but I’m sure it’s v. expensive.The best always is !!!

If money was no object…I’d love it. I believe its �1700. Will have to be either the Eliseparts, raceline or janspeed one. Would like it to be repackable though.

Whats your opinions on the Janspeed oval exhaust? Or the Powerspeed? Damn too many options!!

I’d try the Larini .
Seems to be a copy of the Yoshimura, made in the UK and with a nice deep sound.

I have the Powerspeed and I think it’s the quietest. Not bad, but I’d try the other one now.

Has anyone had any problems fitting the Larini?

I think nobody has tried it on an Exige yet.
Plenty of S1’s and S2’s are happy though.
It would be worth giving them a call and explaining it is an Exige.
Should work though.

I’d decided on a Powerspeed (not too loud and repackable) but then the Moto-build one caught my attention.


It’s a little bit more but has been designed to give a good flow, be lighter, tested up to 200bhp, get though trackday noise limits and has baffles rather than packing (so no re-stuffing like the Powerspeed every 6-7000 miles). [info]

I’m gonna try it mid-May if you want to wait for a report.


Ian, that pic looks like the Larini one. I’ll phone them tomorrow for a price. Hope it doesn’t take too long, I’m going deaf!

I am having this exact quandry at the moment. I have decided to ditch the Racespeed system, as I will not be able to get on any tracks due to the noise. I want non-packable, lightweight and lower noise, so these systems look good, but don’t forget the Exige has longer tailpipes to account for the extra bodywork. None of these are specified “Exige”, so be aware.

The moto-build one has apparently been successfully fitted to Exiges but I will get him to measure the width of the system.

Rooney, are you suggesting the Larini and Moto-build are the same? Moto-build designed theirs themselves. The Moto-build is about �350(inc VAT), can you please post the Larini cost when you get it.


If that picture is of a Moto-Build pipe then there is a remarkable similarity between the two. See here.Choose Elise S1 from the drop down menus.
I phoned Larini today and they said they were in the process of making 10 exige backboxes at �350+vat each. Delivery next week if I go for it.

Did they say if their system was straight through & repackable? or like the Moto Build one baffled?

Here to save you looking



Moto-build claim to have designed it.

Can you get them to tell you the horizontal distance between the exit pipes and the far side of the pipe where it joins the Cat (for both Elise and Exige varients), I’ll do the same with Moto-build. That way we’ll know if it’s going to stick out the rear clam far enough so not to scorch it.

The Moto-build one is a few quid less and INCLUDES VAT!


Its baffled and with a lifetime guarantee ( is that spelt right? I’ve got a cold…head messed up! ). I’ll phone them again to find out who really designed it, someones not telling the truth.

Thanks Ian, why didn’t I think of that? Also I did ask about the clearance from the end of the pipe to the rear clam and he said he hadn’t heard of any problems but did say that the 10 were being made especially for the exige.

Its baffled and with a lifetime guarantee ( is that spelt right? I’ve got a cold…head messed up! ). I’ll phone them again to find out who really designed it, someones not telling the truth.

I like the lifetime guarantee (which was spelt right) bit. I wonder if Moto-build offer that too? (Janspeed apparently do/did for what it’s worth).

I’m not so sure anybody has to be lying really, the Moto-build peps could still have designed it, even if they don’t make it.

Do you know if they’re offering the Exige one at the same price as the Elise one? If so, there is the potential of getting them for �350 inc from Moto-build!


Yes, but if it’s baffled, it’s not straight through, and therefore doesn’t flow as free as it could.

How is the inside gas flow path?

They weren’t keen to tell me.

It’s a slight trade-off, either you go for a slight reduction in power potential with baffles but no re-packing, or max power and a bit of work once a year.

Moto-build are talking of 7-8bhp increases for a std Elise. As I still have a std Exige pipe on (admittedly with v.dodgy baffles) I’m expecting a small hike. It’s much lighter too.


Has anybody got an Exige exhaust off their car they could do a quick measurement on?

If so, I’ll send you a diag of exactly what I’m after.

Cheers, Ian