Sorry, but it's tyres again!

It’s coming to that time again to change tyres. I was wondering if any one has heard any more news on the new Yokohama '48s. Are they available yet, any reports on performance? I think I can wait another 2 weeks until new rubber is required.

KamThe Storm Aviation Exige was running the new Yokos at Dony on Saturday.They look like cut slicks! The mechanic chappy accompanying the car said they were brillint - loads of grip, hard wearing, good in the wet but didn’t like standing water.I’ve had 2 quotes for them, both the same-Fronts �113 plus VAT and fitting eachRears �139 plus VAT and fitting eachApprox �100 a set cheaper than the current tyres!

MikeWere those dealer quoted prices?

Pesky!!!ow the deeeevil are ya?!!the prices are from Pat Thomas at Kelsport in Spalding, who has 2 sets in stock and Bell & Conman in East Horsley, who have 10 sets coming in.I have phoned Bracknell Tyres to get their price and they are getting hold off Yoko direct - haven’t had a call back yet.Will advise when I do.Stay cool, Dude!

MikeTa for update [image][/image]

Might be worth a call to George Polley, they are the place to get Yokohama race tyres. CheersChris

I too will require tyres shortly, but my front tyres are still good and at this rate they will lasy another 2/3 rear sets.So the question is if I plumb for the new 48’s are they compatible with the 38’s. My second question is I have had tyres fron Nick Whale at �200 +vat each is there a cheaper supplierin the midlands area ( Prefered shrewsbury Telford )ThanksRupzo

Rupzoasked a similar question myself - the reply from the knowledgable Mr Whitter is belowOriginally posted by Timbo:Anyone know if you can run rear A048s with front AO39s ?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sorry, but that sounds like a bad idea to me. Given that the 48s have more grip (in the dry at least), and that the Exige understeers already, IMO you’d end up with a very understeery setup that wasn’t as responsive as you’d like at the rear.Cheers, Tim

thanks timbowhat have you done ?rupzo

RupzoI’ll be putting a new set of AO39s on the rear and only upgrading to AO48s when all four need replacing.Gordon Lambs will do two AO49s fitted (with black stick-on balancing weights) for around �410 which ain’t too bad.Cheers, Tim

I was driving the Storm Aviation Exige at Donny, the new tyres are awesome, loads of grip and only let go at the very last minuite. Ive been racing in the Lotus Road Sport series on standard exige tyres, quite honestly they were not up to it, cant wait to race with these.

Does any one know if the the 48’s are road legal? Haydons were not quite sure as yet.

quote:Originally posted by kam:Does any one know if the the 48’s are road legal? Haydons were not quite sure as yet.Sure they are.

My A039s are on their last legs, so I’ve ordered a new set of A048s from Kelsport (should be here on Monday) which means they’ll be ready for Donington evening event next Thursday.I’ll let you know my findings then ![This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 11 July 2002).]

Strangely enough I approached Haydons for new tyres yesterday. They could not quote a price for the A048s but believed that they were a track rather than a road tyre.They did quote for the A039sF �137.85 + fitting and VAT.R �175.56 + fitting and VAT.Last December the rear tyres were �159.60, seems that the price of the A039s are increacing rather than decreasing with demand!!.

GuysThe A048 tyres are road legal, & as the venerable Messrs Turner & Glover have also pointed out, they have excellent dry & wet grip, although beware of standing water. (In my experience, the latter point was also true for the A039s!)I’ll be trying them out on track, at Oulton Park, on the 31st July. Hopefully, so will RussT [image][/image]

I need to change all four tyres very soon so might try the 48’s although I’m not sure if it’s ideal for wet road driving or not. Trying to check with someone at the moment but there isn’t much tread at the edges to bite into wet corners.BTW, here’s a good piccie of the 48 tread borrowed from Tim’s site (190 S2) (with his permission).

quote:Originally posted by Ally:BTW, here’s a good piccie of the 48 tread borrowed from Tim’s site (190 S2) (with his permission).[/URL] [/B]They also appear to last very well, in addition to being stickier than a very sticky thing. I’ll post a pic of their current state (300+ laps) when the car comes back from Goodwood (or go have a look if you’re there).Tim.

Returned from a trip to the Nordschleife late last night with my car shod with A048’s… Buy them!!More grip / less wear / cheaper… nuff said!Cheesy grins abound on too many bends to mention

What pressures are you running at ?Given the increased tyre contact-patch, the steering felt heavier than A039s. Did you find this ?