So you disappear for a bit...

Check back in and everyone’s sold up and bought evoras and BMW’s, Steve seems to of developed some kind of hoarding disease and I saw dad post that he liked a BMW…
Has this place gone out of control? Has Jonny built a carbon house yet? Has Anyone gone faster than Sean and been let off?
Other than that hello!!! :smiley: I have bought a new car but I cannot tell you what it is for fear of having my log in banned…

Needless to say though everyone else who changed bought the wrong car :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy:

A slight clue is that when I told the wife what I would be buying us I said it slightly wrong so she thought she would be getting somewhere go put her wellies in the winter, obviously I got the ok :laughing:

Hello mate, good to hear from you. Its been a bit ‘flat’ since you left (well you knew someone would say it).

Yep we’re all old blokes now and need nice comfy beemers to waft about in.

So a new car that sounds like somewhere to keep wellies,…oh yes of course a Porsche. I reckon a Cayman-S, got some pics?

Yay Andy…does the first letter of your new car start with G :mrgreen:

Hello guys, good guess Ben but it’s the standard car not an ‘S’, there were two reasons for this, firstly I wanted something I had to really work when driving hard on the road (always had more fun on the road in slower Elise’s) and secondly the 2.7 is supposed to be more reliable than the larger capacity engines.
So far really happy with it, dare I say it drives not unlike a bigger Elise, you certainly do not feel every crease in the surface but I would not say it lacks feel in so much as you know exactly what it’s doing and it’s a lot of fun to drive down the twisty’s.
I was not really in the market to spend big money on a car as we still have plenty of other stuff going on but the cayman is a lot of car for the money and for what I wanted it was perfect.

Jonny is that ‘G’ for ghay or ‘G’ for golf? :stuck_out_tongue:

Off to see if I can drag a pic off my phone to post.

Lovely car Andy, John told me the other week. Glad you guys are well mate don’t be a stranger…

Cheers matey, will make sure I keep sticking my nose in :wink:

Whilst being without car I have not been on any boards much tbh and this year has kinda flown with one thing and another but I have only just started to miss having something to look forward to driving.

Nice colour

I could have “outed” you Boothy before now but I hoped you’d be along soon to explain yourself…
It is a nice car, though.
Keep in touch

Nice car, just a tiny bit “gay” but we will let you off this once :wink:
Any “Boothy” Mods planned for it?

Iirc part of the reasoning was funding a new kitchen or house? How is the new kitchen? :smiley:

That will get used alot more than the Exige. You will enjoy but there is nothing to tinker with!

Haha! Yes it’s got added gayness, comfy seats, carpets and two boots :smiley:

The kitchen is great, you can’t drive it but it does look well and I added the kitchen equivalent of heated seats in the form of underfloor heating and a plate warmer :laughing:

As for mods I am not sure, it really is a very complete car. Experience has taught me not to mess with suspension for road use. I may consider a re map at some point but then the same as above applies really and so kind of defeats the object of buying the slower car.
The only thing so far I fancy is an exhaust, it makes a lovely noise when your on it so I would like a little more at lower speeds. I just do not want to spoil the car with a boomy exhaust but I have found a company that modify the standard exhaust so it’s a little more tuneful but still looks stock.

Absolutely! :sunglasses:

Grey is the new red :sunglasses:

Another vote for the plate warmer :thumbup:

What? As in “I’d rather have a plate warmer than a Porsche”. :unamused:

Not my cup of tea, I’m afraid but I can see the attraction.

You know what they were never mine, I used to think they were a little boring and bland but they really are a pretty car, that goes for all hard top pork. You just have to look at them harder to see it, get one on its own in a well lit garage and just take in the lines.
The 997 cayman has fabulous lines, the rear arches are brill and blend in across the boot and into the doors brilliantly. I am not a fan of the boxter or the convertible 911’s really as they loose that up stood windscreen and sloped rear look.

They are certainly Germanic but they have more character than I ever gave them credit for, there is certainly a feel to the car and a sense of occasion when you get in and fire it up.

The 2014 Cayman is gorgeous and has the closed deck engine that should put paid to the engine problems once and for all…
it’ll be a couple of years off for me but I’m saving up :smiley:

2014 cayman is stunning but I think the smart money would go on a 987 ‘R’ mate, supposed to be a stunning drive and rock solid residuals, either that or a spyder :sunglasses:

Off to pistonheads…

This one looks great