So you disappear for a bit...

Yep that’s lovely, they have stayed over £40k for over a year now, the spyders dropped to £35k but are back up to £40k now.
I do like the 'R’s in guards red. In that sort of spec with the seats they are like a mini GT3.

It does look good …
Bit pricey I reckon for a 2011?
I could be wrong

That’s what I was saying dude, you need at least £40k to buy any cayman R, pretty safe money atm. There is a new one planned with supposed a carrera 3.8 engine. That may change things but some say the R and spyder will hold value as the last non electric steering variants.

A 2011 R will have the second gen engine too :slight_smile:

Yea Cayman R and Boxter Spyder are beauties.

“I added the kitchen equivalent of heated seats in the form of underfloor heating and a plate warmer”

Should have added a wine cooler

:wink: just got a big fridge with a bar in it

Great choice on the cayman, although I am a little surprised that you didn’t opt for the S.

I bought a Cayman R about a year ago now and absolutely love it - superb handling, brilliant engine and rock solid residuals. Keep looking to chop it in for a 997 GT3, but the R is hard to beat as an all rounder.

Show off :mrgreen:

The gen 1 ‘S’ engines are reportedly a lot less reliable than the 2.7, although as I was born under a dark cloud I’ll probably be the exception :smiley:
Also in my experience the fastest most torquey cars are not always the most fun on the road, I do prefer something you have to rev a little more and work harder. I read quite a few reviews suggesting the 2.7 is more fun for that reason, same with the lower power 997’s. So when I spotted this car in Huddersfield it seemed to fit everything I wanted from a car atm.
Although I must say if I had the money spare atm an ‘R’ or a spider would be top of my shopping list, most likely the ‘R’ tbh.

Out of interest how do you find yours compared to your exige?