silly idea ?????

Twin 1300cc hyabusa engines in an exige?? Pretty sure there is enough room but apart from no reverse are there any other problems anyone knows about.
Also any ideas what performance would be like, the bike is allegedly capable of 205 mph ???

It would be ok if turbo, otherwise the performance would be worse than stock.
You can’t get away from the lack of displacement and this means low torque.
The Hayabusa weighs only 200Kg, so the Elise/Exige is frankly porky in comparison.

But turbo it and you have the torque back up.
There is a company called Holeshot performance (or something like that) that can presumably do a very good and cheap job.

I thought torque was even less than the K?


A mate of mine is working around Hull at the moment, he stumbled across this place a few weeks ago… might give you a few answers

I know there’s 1.6 one’s (bored and stroked), then TC that

But then I know the 4A-GE (from a MkI MR2) can get up to truely stupid power and that’s a 1.6

TWIN - that means 2600cc guys …


Interested in why you’d want to even contemplate with this engine???


I think to be different

And bike engines are awesome! The new ZX-10 (998cc) makes 180bhp from the factory!!! There’s lot of potential in them, just a pitty they have no torque what so ever…


Interested in why you’d want to even contemplate with this engine??? Curious…

To be honest i dont know much about bike engined cars!!
I have an exige with no engine and wanted to do something different with it. Does anyone know the weight difference between one of those tiger things or a westfield and an exige ???

A Caterham R500 is about 460kgs!!! I think a std one is a couple of hundred kilos heavier.

My Exige is about 780kgs (oil and half tank).



What about that 2litre V8 that was in the Sept EVO? Who’s gonna put �10-15k on the table for a beast that can rev well into the teens and has stonking torque and bhp in comparison to stock!

My mouth waters at the thought!

Question though…would it fit?


It would fit, sinclaires are fitting one to an Elise so exactly the same mountings etc.

I’d still be interested in a rotary conversion Just a shame the rotary lumps a f’ing heavy! IIRC the RX-8 NA Renesis engine is about 130kg without headers and manifold

What about that 2litre V8…

Wouldn’t want to pay for the re-build if it goes pop!


EVOSAL, you got me interested in the weight difference thing. I checked the difference between the Hyabusa powered XTR2 and the Audi powered XTR4 - 200+kgs!!! I understand from our finance director, who races an XTR2 (410kgs), that it’s quicker than the Westfield prototype XTR4 (that I believe has shared a circuit with Russ and the boys in the Mid-engined series).


I enquired about the 2ltr V8 a while back before i bought my exige, was thinking about having a trackday car built with one. Heres a couple of pictures of the engine.




Well, I would say Evosal, your car makes a prime candidate for a K2000 or Honda power.

Or you could do something like this:

Engine & Gearbox
GM V6, 3 litre longitudional and mid mounted
DOHC 24 valve
Rotrex SP30-94 supercharger and charge cooler
Power 320 bhp @ 6,500 rpm
Torque 280 lb ft @ 4,250 rpm
Manual Getrag 5 speed transaxle

Which is currently in the S-sport

OUCH! On the conversion cost!

I think EVOSAL should give the lightweight bike engine thing a go! He seems like the kinda guy that likes experimenting.


Check this out !!!
We currently have two cars in build,the first of many we are planning to do

One is an elise the other an exige.

Both are single engined with hyabusa turbos fitted,cost of the cars will depend on how much power you are after but basically im trying to keep the kit to a high spec so its reliable no matter what power you put through it

The exige will be displayed at the autosport show in January which is when the official launch will be made

The kit comprises of a round tubular subframe which replaces the rear subframe on the existing car,into this will be fitted the engine and gearbox,one of our bespoke transfer boxes with lsd,uprated bespoke drive shafts gear lever and cable,exhaust system and all plumbing and wiring hardware to fit it

A normally aspirated hyabusa will give 175 bhp

Turbo versions of up to 400 bhp are easily achievable in fact we are building a twin engined ultima sports with two 500 bhp hyabusa turbo engines and 4wd at the present time so even more can be achieved if you want it

The cost of the kits less engine has to be fixed but will be around �4000 plus vat

If you do it yourself it will cost around �7700 including your engine

The turbo engines are priced from �5500 up to �12000 for a full house 500 bhp one

If you want a chat or a sneak preview of the two we are doing then give me a call and you should be able to have a look mid November when they are fabricated up and the jigs have been finished

Chris 01964 527725

Performance figures will be very good witrh the turbo being capable of mid ten second quarter mile times with a terminal speed of around 140 mph,this is based on similar weight cars weve had tested in the past with that engine fitted,it will be the definitive lotus elise or exige without any doubt


From: Evolution Salvage [mailto:hal

Who’s that from? Not you is it?


Its a reply to an e-mail i sent to z cars of hull.