Should I swap my S2 for a S1?

OK, a few people seem to be trading in their S2’s for S1 Exiges. I guess people have different reasons for swapping, so is the standard S1 a better car? handling, performance future value etc. Is the standard S1 a reliable car? I’m very happy with my S2 but wonder if now is the time to change as I see S2 values going down. I can afford to buy a standard S1 with the idea of a engine swap in the future. The only S1 i’ve been out in has been Andy Walsh’s car around Donnington and that was insane, so maybe I need to get out in a few more cars.


Yes, I would deffo go out in a few more cars before you make your mind up. I haven’t really spent any meaningful time in an S2 so I can’t really comment. I guess the main criteria will be what you use it for the most. If you use it on the road a lot then it seems to be that the S2 is a better bet as it is more refined.

I swapped my S2 for an S1 last year. I enjoyed the S2 but the S1 is just much, much cooler. I have had zero problems with my S1 apart from the alternator bolt issues that I sorted in a day.

I would get out in an S1 and see what you think. The toyota car is much more civilised, mine had a loud exhaust and decat and the S1 still feels much noisier inside.

Agree with all the above the S2 is just more civilised, If I didn’t want to use my car so much and had more time for track days I would have got an S1 and Audi powered it.


(from my rather limited experience with an S1 elise)


short and to the point…but which particular question where you answering, surely not them all?

from my rather limited experience with an S1 elise

so as were talking exiges, that’s not really applicable then is it

yes, given the s1 exige is a 100% different car to the s1 elise

oh… wait

don’t want to tax you but what was your answer to the 1st question

As said above it all depends on what you want really, the S1 feels more focused and more of a track car when you are in it, in reality std to std there is little in it.
I have owned an S1 111s and an S2 111s and when the time to change was forced upon me I looked at both S1 and S2 exige. I have always really wanted an s1 exige but after driving one I really dont think I could live with it day to day. Dont get me wrong my exige S is not my only car but there are times I take it out nipping to the shops when its raining etc and you really need to concentrate on driving the thing, I just felt all the extra din in an S1 would of made me leave it at home when I could of taken my S2 with me and at the end of the day I want to drive it as much as I can get chance to.
I am planning on getting into trackdays this year but my car will still spend much more of its time on the roadthan on track and I would suggest that unless your car really does spend more time on the track than on the road the S2 is the way to go.
All IMVHO of course


sorry just answered the subject Q… to clarify:

Should I swap my S2 for a S1?
no IMO

is the standard S1 a better car?
no IMO, especially looks wise again IMO

unknown but the Elise liked to roll into corners (altho was an old car)


future value etc
debateable esp when maintenance and HGF risk is included/factored

Is the standard S1 a reliable car?
my S1 elise wasnt - not just the HGF potential but starter motor, build quality, leaks, suspension issues (odd little ball joint problem in the back). air con was particularly unreliable i.e. bad (i’m told - made the mistake of not having it… very bad idea in an S1 elise as no face level vents!)

top 5 pro’s of S2 versus S1 (for me)

  1. the look
  2. air con
  3. performance, esp the twin cam driving characteristic
  4. build quality specifically leaks (altho typically my S2 S is giving me a headache with a roof leak!)
  5. handling (altho the S1 was a tired example)
  6. 6th gear on the motorway

You missed a few off -
7. cup holders
8. electric windows
9. central locking
10.soft top

Dont know why you did’nt just buy an audi TT cabriolet

Dont know why you did’nt just buy an audi TT cabriolet

You missed a few off -
7. cup holders
8. electric windows
9. central locking
10.soft top

Dont know why you did’nt just buy an audi TT cabriolet

Thats it i want a S1

Thats it i want a S1

another one saved from the dark side

Thanks for all the replies. Ok, the car will spend most of its time on the road and two or three track days a year ( wish i could afford more ). I agree i need to spend some time in S1’s, so hope to catch up with some owners in the near future.

IMO S1 all the way.

For nothing other than the fact they’re MUCH cooler than the S2, have genuine rarity value, and in years to come will be a MUCH more collectible car than the S2, hence higher values.

Look at all the classics through history and most often it’s the early ones that command the premium. People don’t CARE about reliability when they’re buying a classic or a toy, merely the design and the execution/purity.

An S2 is a much more useable every day car. An S1 WOULD be useable every day with standard seats and aircon, but even then it’d get tiresome. Personally I like not having the Exige as a daily car, it’s a toy… the fact it takes me 5 minutes to get strapped in, then another 15 minutes to get the K-series warm really focuses the mind that it’s a weapon and it’s there for when you WANT to use it, not when you NEED to use it… which ti me makes it even more special.

Stop it George you’re scaring me. Next you’ll be talking about “Exigeness”.

The answer is quite simple - the question needn’t be asked in the first place.

not convinced with the residual value point. a decent esprit 10k, elan 5k, excel 5k… even a 25yr old mint Seven is only 8k according to autotrader. S1’s with any sort of mileage on will be 10k in a few years

(if there’s any left, or anyone selling - or more importantly anyone buying… after all its only worth what someone will pay)

Add to that the weight of a million S2’s pushing the prices down further and i think its optimistic to think an S1 will be any better a financial decision that an S2 (btw i dont think it should be a factor in the purchase decision anyway - cars aren’t meant to be investments!!)