Should I do a swap?

Contemplating swapping the Exige for a 340R - After all summer is coming and I am not that fussy about having a car with a roof as the Exige gets driven only once a week.Should I do it? Hmmmmmm

NOoooooo !!Do you fancy paying �800ish just to get the battery changed?Just take the clams off the Exige if you want that “naked” look [image][/image]

well, don’t forget that the 340 has got the same engine…later,Bruno

i was looking for a exige but had one for the day and drove the 340r there was no competition i liked the exige but feels like a tame 340r im glad i picked the 340r,also my friend i go out on runs with has a exige and couldnt believe how much more attention i got in the 340r to his exige

phil340rI’m sure that we’re all very happy for you [image][/image]

It’s nice to know lotus has another satisfied customer! Personally I prefer the Exige, being a somewhat shy and reserved individual [image][/image] [image][/image]

Glad you picked the right one phil [image][/image]

If it’s attention you want - take out a Sinclair C5…You’ll have Doctors and Shrinks chasing you everywhere!!Tony

I don’t like the 340R.Yes, it’s lighter, same power and in theory better at the track, but somehow doesn’t tickle me. Maybe if a 340R had overtaken me at a track… but that hasn’t happened, then again, I’ve seen only a few.I like a roof. The Exige roof. I like its wheels, its pose, its character. It’s like when I was a teenager, I had this huge dog, a mean german shepperd. He was my friend, he used to go with me hanging around, on my MTB adventures, he used to enjoy cats [image][/image] Somehow, I feel my Exige is my mate now.Nah, would never consider a 340R, but that’s me.I like my roof.Uldis

It is personal preference, horses for courses etc. Some people like a car that has just come from the Le Mans 24h, some like a car that has just come off Blackpool sand dunes.p.s. [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

Yep I too chose a 340R over an Exige when tested back to back. No regrets yet! If it’s a fair weather toy nothing beats a 340R?Will

So let me get this right… do I take it that you like your roof Uldis ? [image][/image]

nice one, Russ… [image][/image]

Meaning of Life = Lotus Exige - no substitute [image][/image]

Yep, you got it right!.No!, wait, I LOVE my roof [image][/image]But I also like my swoopy, semi-transparent engine cover.And the sticker there that says: [image][/image]BTW, Russ: [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image][This message has been edited by Uldis (edited 27 February 2003).]

Having parted with my Exige in November I am now in a similar situation.I am pining for an Exige and may well buy another one, but I do wonder whether to go for a 340R instead, you know, get the wind in your hair. Of course, I have been talking to Will B about this already ;o)One question, if it costs �800 to change the battery at Lotus can you not change the battery yourself? Or am I missing something fundamental? Once had to change the battery on a friend’s Exige by the roadside, it wasn’t exactly straightforward!!

quote:Originally posted by JMD:One question, if it costs �800 to change the battery at Lotus can you not change the battery yourself? Or am I missing something fundamental? Yep - it’s a “body off” job for the 340R [image][/image]

I see, so you could do it yourself, if you had the time/inclination/space to pull the thing completely to bits!I take it the battery is accessible though, in case it needs hooking up for a jump start?

Or you could buy the lightweight battery that will slide in and out (I am sure I read somewhere…)Cheers

I dont think it is accessible, jump start = body off [image][/image] thats also why the 340 has a trickle charger socket.[This message has been edited by Phil (edited 03 March 2003).]