Scottish contingent

Just to let those north of the border know, there’s a SIDC track night at Knockhill on Thusrday evening 1800-2000 price �37 you can book online using the following link As there seem’s to be a few scottish members now, anyone fancy goingDave

DaveI’ll be thereMike

I’ll hopefully make this too.Thanks for the reminder.

Dave,I booked myself over the net (paid with cc)and then called them to confirm.They basically told me that it’s for members only, no problem if I don’t have a Subaru, but needed to be a member, but basically no, that I couldn’t go.Does anybody know about this SIDC club?Did I waste my money? or are they nice guys really and I will get track time when I show up? [image][/image]Uldis

Uldis, should be OK. I used the internet booking service for the first time whereas I normally just send a cheque to John Stewart (SIDC Scottish Sec) for their track days. I’ll mail him and check that we’re on the list.[This message has been edited by Ally (edited 12 August 2002).]

Thanks Ally.Will hopefully see you at the track then.Uldis

Does anyone fancy a blast around the Crail Airfield this Saturday (17th) with some guys from the Audi Owners Club. They are having a little trouble getting the numbers up and are asking for a little help :-)Mike(Closet Audi owner)

OK, we’re all booked in via the SIDC site (which I gather we’re not meant to use unless you’re a member - oops! - Dave you got a Subaru too? [image][/image] ). John has asked for the car details ie colour and registration number from all of us. If you mail it to me, I’ll send all the details together. Mike, no Crail for me I’m afraid. The abrasive surface of airfields isn’t conjusive to maintaining any tread. You can have a look at the condition of my tyres following a visit to Bruntingthorpe recently. You’ll see why I’ll be hoping it’s dry on Thursday night too. If you’re about to change your tyres anyway, it’s a good place to go to finish them off though.

AllyI’ve already sent my details to John Stewart and also joined the club a few months ago to get better deals on the track day prices but this only seems to apply if you book through John himself rather than the website - go figure !!!How did you guess that my tyres are just about shot :slight_smile: Don’t know if the Day is going ahead yet - they were having trouble getting the numbers up to make it viable. Seems the audi owners up here are a bit hesitant to try their cars out on track. Last time I went out with them my quattro was broken so I had to take the exige and every time I went out on track they all abandoned the track (good for me as I didn’t have to negotiate any mobile chicanes :wink:)and out of probably 20 people there I only gave 1 passenger ride!!! See you tomorrow nightMike

Ally, same here, John Stewart sent an email so sent directly the details to him.Mike, no Crail for me either, went there once and there were too many little stones flying around (new car, you know?)Audi? mobile chicanes? everybody abandoning the track? aren’t those supposed to be sports cars as well?Strange world.See you today at Knockhill [image][/image]

Was good to see you all there tonight, I think thats the most Exiges I’ve seen on the track at KH. Sorry I did’nt get to talk to everyone very much, but with only two hours tracktime you’ve got to make the most of it. Sorry Could’nt make the BBQ at the end as had to take the other half home to defrost.DaveNow well and trully needing a new set of rear’s.

Wow, what a nice afternoon in KH.I got to meet Ally and Dave, but didn’t see Mike.I suppose you were there, but as Dave points out, 2 hrs was a short time.Did 3 stints, 1st 5min to know the track (boy was I lost!), 2nd out: 1hr straight! (got the hang of it), 3rd, 20 min and the show was over.NIce bunch of people, see you on the next trackday, I hear ther’s going to be a full day @KH the 28th/Aug. [image][/image]Uldis

quote:Originally posted by Uldis:…2nd out: 1hr straight! (got the hang of it) Glad to hear you jocks had a great evening [image][/image]How the heck do you manage to stay out for 1 hour? I’m well knackered after about 20 mins - no ageist remarks are required [image][/image] Seriously though, the general consensus is to do 15 - 25 min stints, then give both yourself & the car a break. The stresses & strains of track driving are considerably greater on the car than road driving - can’t speak about yourself though!!! [image][/image]Would be great to see you guys at Anglesey on the 28th Sept

In fact the full tank was almost finished, I was covered in sweat and I thought I felt that I had a bit less traction, but even so, I was still going faster evry lap, merely by getting to know my car [image][/image] and the track.When I stopped I realized that the traction was going because the tyres were going.I can see that I will need to change the left fron in a couple more track days.Well, so be it.BTW, I’m 40 and have a bad back, (ok, I’m more or less fit and look younger) but at the track I didn’t even remember my back!Still, good point about giving the car a break. I’ll try to do that. Maybe my tyres will last longer.Cheers!Uldis

Great to see everyone last night. “Nutter of the Night” award goes to Uldis for staying out for about 60 laps solid! [image][/image] Now I know the reason for that sticker on your car. From now on, I’ll need to call you “Bomber”. [image][/image] [This message has been edited by Ally (edited 16 August 2002).]

PeskyWould love to do Anglesey on the the 28th, but alas this is the last weekend of my summer leave [image][/image] and service to Queen and country calls, however as my parents only live 10 miles from the track I’ve let my old man know and he’s said he’ll bring his corsa along to make the numbers up if you want, but only if he can were his cap, have the dog in the back and drive everywhere at 30mph.Dave [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Dave:…but only if he can were his cap, have the dog in the back and drive everywhere at 30mph.Dave [image][/image]Bu##er off - I can’t have him overtaking me [image][/image]

UldisSorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you but I was either fiddling with the suspension stiffness or doing a sort of “corporate entertaining” for 2 American interior designers my company has over.I’ll meet you the next time. It seemed as though you enjoyed yourself though [image][/image]Pesky - I’m seriously considering the Anglesey track day but I get back from Spa the weekend before so I’ll have to see if I can get a weekend pass [image][/image]Mike[This message has been edited by Mike Niven (edited 17 August 2002).]

MikeDoes corporate entertainment include an invoice for a couple of AO39’s to the company [image][/image]Dave

quote:Originally posted by Mike Niven:I’m seriously considering the Anglesey track day but I get back from Spa the weekend before so I’ll have to see if I can get a weekend pass ;-)MikeWe’re doing the Nurburgring that weekend - are you combining Germany with Spa? There are 4 Exiges going that I know of.Sandra