Scale model news

Spark have announced a number of new 1/43 scale Lotus models including AT LAST! an S1 Exige, in “Dark Silver”


…but I want a yellow one

Thay’re also doing the circuit car prototype and a Team Lotus Transporter.

Also, I recently recieved my AutoArt 1/43 scale S2 model in Ardent Red. A very nice quality model.

does anyone do the s2 in white?

Well that saved me a lot of tooling …thank goodness for that.
Where can I get some from?/

Think I’ll need to get 2 of those. One to keep standard and the other to stripdown and paint Chrome Orange.

When are they out?

At last! Brilliant news. Do we know who is importing them?

Ordered one through this site however they are on 1-2 months back order apparently. The GT1 by Spark has good detailing, expect the same on this S1.

If you look on they have 1/18th S2 exiges in black, silver and orange due in sometime this year aswell.

I see that Spark are also producing a 340R and last years Exige GT3 racer in it’s orginal colour scheme of black with yellow stripes. Both are in 1/43 scale

you can see the S2 models here

search for lotus. Think the exige is on page two

  • nice colour too

Really want ont but all my models are 1/18 so will have to wait and see if we ever get one in that scale.

I enquired about a 1:18 with AutoArt recently and they said one is in development. They did not however give a date.

We live in hope then…

I had two of these Spark S1s delivered this morning. Detailing is OK but there is no rear diffuser and the rear wing supports look a little thin. All in all though a nice model and probably better than the web shot photo would have you believe.

Now all I’ve got to do is morph one of them to Lazer Blue.

Are the Spark models only available in the “dark” silver?

AFAIK that’s right and all LHD

I managed to get a 1/43 M250 the other day. Expensive but rare… but not as rare as the real thing…

Are the Spark models only available in the “dark” silver?

Afraid so!

where did you find a m250 model 83man who is it made by? cheers rob

Do they do an S2 S in Chrome Orange? I looked a while ago but it wasn’t available.

they do a 1/18 chrome orange mk2 exige (autoart) �43.99 no 1/43 ones though.

where did you find a m250 model 83man who is it made by? cheers rob

I’d like to know that too!