S2exige Y spoke alloys

Set of the standard black ‘Y’ spoke alloys taken from an S2 exige complete with centre caps.

Few marks but all perfectly round.


When you say marks are they scuffed, ie. are they starting to corrode or could they be refinished by hand with a bit of satin hammerite?

no corrosion just a few scuffs…

i havent looked at them in a while but i dont think there are any big scraps along the rim edge and all are deffo round.

Will “discuss” with the Mrs. It’s not so much the cost of the wheels but explaining a set of road tyres to fit them plus a new set of 888’s that I need for the existing rims. Suddenly �400 becomes �1400 and it looks like she’s just lost her job :frowning:

If Tony decides he doesn’t want them, let me know and I’ll take them off your hands.

Chrimbo pressie for Garry?

You spoil that boy… he’s like a pig in $hit with just a freshly deep fried Mars Bar :smiley:

first with the dollar gets!!

Any chance of some pics?

Yeah x-mas pressent for him, well that’s what I would tell him.
Looking for another set of wheels that I can put regular tyres on so I can use it for work.

Tony was in first, so only fair for him to have first dibs.

Make up your mind!

If they’re just marked and I can get them sorted with a few dabs of hammerite without a refurb then I’m in.

Next question is how to get them to me!

Sorry about this but why is it every time i put something up for sale I get messed around??

Why can it not just be a straight - You want it? Ok its yours… ‘SOLD’

Thats how I buy off forums. When I sell anything all I get is -

Im going on holiday and if I have any money left I’ll buy it when I get back can you save it…

Can you send it and if it works I’ll buy it…

Well if I buy these I have to buy something else and thats more money…

Its very simple guys if you want them buy them, if not dont bother me with your lifes problems I have enough of my own. I appreciate there is some form of conduct on forums for selling stuff an who got there first but I only care about cold hard cash and who is first with that!!

The Advert reads a set of 4 Y spoke alloy for an s2 exige - all perfectly round but a few scuffs �400 - At that price with that description it should be a pretty straight forward you want them or you dont!!

I have had an offer for them by PM at the price I am asking so I am going to take it.

Thank you


What? I don’t think asking a few simple questions is messing someone around. Nor would I expect someone to buy anything for �400 unseen. Especially via the web and from a stranger several hundred miles away. One mans scuffs could be another mans gouges et all.

Most people would be happy to post pics, don’t see why you should be any different.

I’ll put it down to the strain of Christmas. Not my loss.

Sorry but I see �400 a relatively cheap sum for a set of s/h s2 wheels in the scale of things. ands It’s hardly like Im a 1poster or not well known within the community. Im not about to start ripping people off with dodgy goods or false descriptions…

They were offered at that price and with that description so I dont have to dick around…Your initial response was that if you buy these then you have to buy something else and your wife this and something that… Sorry but re-read your own post, I just wanted a quick easy sale but all Ive got is everyone hanging up behind your indecision wanting pics and life history when they are just ready to buy!!

End Of!

Spot on Gav.

Not after sides Pesk, its just got to the point now whenever I put something up for sale Im cringing at the thought of all the bolloxs that comes along with it (is it really worth the sale)…

You think your doing the right thing by putting at a price where you your happy and hopefully the guy who buys it feels he has got himself a bargain…

I’ve got loads of bits kicking around that could go up all but for the hassle, it’s easier just to wait til you see a wanted Ad to clear the stuff you longer use or need…

Apologise again if i’ve come across somewhat an arsehole but my feelings now clear on stuff Im trying to sell off…

Those wheels certainly were a bargain price …
I,ve been pestering Junks for some for around a year now !!! :crazy:

bargin or not you dont have to be like that tho. a simple message saying ur after a quick sale would of been better instead of a rant about it.

I thought I did that, I’ll try not to be so subtle next time…

Yeah Gav, your way to subtle in my opinion!! lol :wink:

Personally I thought your sig had it covered. Maybe sellers need to add ‘sorry, no counselling’ :smiley: