S2 NA + Mods

Great news!

So… got in my car to start it to go home after work and… nothing… tiny tick from the starter and then all the lights went out… Had to get some mates to push it, then dump the clutch in 2nd gear and it popped into life… I’m going to throw on a new battery to rule that out first, but I’m certainly going through a rough patch recently, lol! :rofl:

In other news, gearbox was working great now! :rofl:

Brand new (very large!) battery installed and still have an electrical problem. Key in the ignition, dash comes on, fuel pump and injectors are audible, turn the ignition for the starter and it makes a ‘tick’ and then everything in the car turns off. I also noticed that if I just have the car turned off, turn on the sidelights - they work (but a bit dim?) and then turn on the headlights - all the electrics go off again.

Does that sound like anything in particular to anyone? I first thought ‘dodgy earth?’ - but does anyone else have any ideas to add?

I’ve asked TrackGroup to look into it, but thought I’d ask on here in case anyone else has suffered similar previously? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

No problems before hand?
Sounds like an iffy starter motor to me.

Just had a brand new starter, due to it sounding like a dodgy starter in the first instance :frowning:

Hopefully just a wiring hiccup with the new starter? As it’s recently been changed, it’s a logical place to start.

Car is now with the awesome TrackGroup to be investigated… :slight_smile: I hope to god that this is the last ‘hiccup’ it has for many, many years, lol!


FFS, MFRU!!! :laughing:

I was trying to express it all in acronyms… but yes, apparently the MFRU had gone on the fritz - putting my MFRU into another car gave it the same symptoms I’d been having! So, a new MFRU later, we’re all good!

And again…



I have a spare one sat in a cupboard awaiting …

The roads are obviously cold and slippery at the moment, but I’ve actually been able to use the car a number of times this year already - and it’s just wonderful! Thoroughly enjoying it!

In terms of updates… I did get some CL RC5+ pads on there the other day to see if they’re less squealy than my PF pads, and they are indeed much more agreeable with a nice pedal feel! They don’t feel like they have the stopping power of the PF pads though, but I’m going to try them on a track day first to see what they’re like when hot, before passing judgement one way or another :slight_smile:

If the car is going to play nicely now (in terms of reliability) then I’ll get back to my project of mounting the r9ktuned intake and getting it mapped! :ok_hand:t2:

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Interested in the na gains!

Good effort getting out in the car despite the winter weather :+1:

My CL pads felt excellent with a decent firm pedal. They did recently start to fall apart though so I’ll be trying out some Pagids next.

Had a brilliant time at Donington on Friday - car going really well - definitely need to start taking brave pills before trackdays as the car is capable of much more than I dare to ask of it!


Fantastic photos there! Really like the last one.


Any GoPro going?

GoPro was found at the end of the day in my helmet box… of course it was, why wouldn’t it be? :rofl: