S1 Perspex Engine Cover

Hello, looking for an S1 engine cover if anyone has one they wish to sell or know where to get one?


I do know where there is one as I was offered it as a spare but it was £950…

I’m guessing it was brand new?
Can you PM me please with contact details

Ive got a new one that Im looking to get moulded as im making the frames now too. too much on at the minute but will try and get prices next month and ill update everyone on here ether way


I was hoping to find the Perspex so I can use one of your frames!

yup its me, im trying to get everything made so replacements are available and those building replicas can have the option.
I did have a local firm look at replacing an elan rear window but the price was ridiculous, so looking slightly further afield now.
not wanting to thread drift too much, do you happen to know what the engine cover latch pin is off? i know the latch mechanism was a mondeo one

That would be awesome if you could remanufacture the perspex part, Dom. If it’s any help whatsoever, I spoke to a chap at the Lotus factory some years ago who told me the OEM for that part was Peerless Plastics down the road from them in Thetford, I believe they’re still around: https://www.peerless-coatings.co.uk/ :thumbup:

Not sure, but is it the same as the MGF one? CLP6458

Would be ideal if they still have the mould for it :thumbup:

brill ill drop them a line and see if they do have it still, happy to pay for a new one to be made. its the main reason why ive held off fitting the roof and rear clam on my car as i don’t want to bond it untill its been moulded. my summer solution is to make a clam with elise top section so i can retain the elise bootlid and roof
MGF one similar but not quite the same, ill keep hunting on that as it would be nice to get the hinges and lock mechanisms to complete the kit


Can I add a +1 onto this thread if its possible to source another one.? I’ve been looking for months and had all but given up hope.
Happy to pay for new if its an option.