S1 Exige up for Auction

On Historics of Brooklands auction site - auction date 18th July. Azure Blue, 21k miles estimate £32k to £42k
Many other fine classics also there

Linky - https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2020-07-18/cars/ref-164-2000-lotus-exige-s1-mrp/

Thanks Andy - don’t know how to transfer the link :slight_smile:

There’s a lovely Elan Sprint there also that I am having a serious think about.

I always get dubious when I see the missing stickers/badges on the rear clam of an Elise/Exige. Perhaps just me.

Instantly makes you think respray, whether it be accident or not. Either way, odd not to put the decals back on.

That one had been on eBay at a dealers for past weeks at £38k.

Would concur re stickers for cost/effort it’s just such a turn off to prospective buyer.

Hmmm- there appears to be an 11 year gap from 2007 in its mot history?


Why am I liking this?!


Totally, why would you remove the decals? :thinking:Unless of course the previous owner got over excited with the machine polisher! :joy:

I do like the look of the yellow S4 Sprint, very tasty! :sunglasses:

To regally carry your Exige around in the boot?

That’s a lot of car there :wink:

I have copies of most of the cars history, HPI report and loads of photos if any interested buyers want them. The car’s been in/out of NI a number of times throughout its life and stored there for a number of years. Not sure why the decals are missing, they were on it when I was in discussions with a previous owner a few years ago!

Was this Andrew’s S1 in NI [mention]kevinbe111[/mention]

Yep, that’s the one! :thumbup:

As an aside and I’m far from an auction expert but 11% buyers premium as I read the website (buyers commission) that’s a chunk of extra £’s on top of the hammer price. I guess the norm but would make me think …

Yep and VAT is payable on the buyer commission too.

Didnt meet reserve- still for sale.

Did anyone see where it was bid to?

Didnt see where bidding stopped - was bidding on the Elan Sprint, so missed Exige

Now states that Lot 257 sold for £30,250. Presumably this is the figure including commission?

Result Sold - £30,250

This could have been a deal done outside auction bidding?

That looks a great deal for someone?