S1 Exige for sale

Well the time has come after 18 years ownership to offer my S1 Exige for sale- not using it enough.

Brief details:

Supplied new by Ribble Valley Lotus in October 2000.

2 owners only - mine since 2002 when 2000miles on the clock

78000 miles - engine replaced at 66000 miles. Original engine failed with hgf, available if matching numbers is your bag.

New aluminium - never repainted, wears the past 20 years well, never involved in any accidents.

Grey Alcantara trim, carbon Airbox.

Nitron suspension, Eliseparts Ali bells and uprated rear tie rods. New Toyo 888s ftted all round.

Engine 190bhp standard VHPD except verniers fitted for those extra few horses.

Chassis and suspension straight as a die. Just flown through MOT. No floor

New perspex rear engine cover recently fitted.

Happy to send pictures to interested parties.

Looking for offers in the region of

Subject to an article in Classic and Sportscar driven by Steve Sutcliffe.

Thanks for looking.

Any pics?

This sounds like a serious attempt at a sale, Simon. End of an era.

Sorry to see this Simon. Hope you stay with the brand whilst enjoying the Macca?

Cheers chaps - yep if someone comes up with the right offer it will def be going - not using it at all at the mo and the old body is getting less compliant with age. :smile: scratched the mac itch and next car will def be a Lotus again :+1:

Oh wow. Good to hear Simon. McLaren has a big bath outside the technology centre, is that where you will be taking the 570? :angel:

Great news!

Good luck with the sale Simon.

I was same place last year as just wasn’t using mine.

Now in same place with 250 Cup and find the Evora a lot easier to live with.

Thanks all.

Will be taking some pics this week and placing ad on PH end of the week.

Surreal times.

I’m constantly attracted to the S1 Exige.

However, realistically, I keep reading the ‘lack of use’ comments, and wonder if I’d be the same. I love my V6, but I’m struggling to use that much.

I wouldn’t really want to sell the V6, so an S1 would probably be additional.

These days, I just don’t go anywhere!

I have considered the same and thought, if I had a 911 would I use it more? The answer for me is that I probably would not as my BMW estate does all I need on the road and is silly fast. However, the Exige is totally different, I’d never take it for a regular drive or commute, if I ever do one of those again, but for a short blast it’s perfect and totally different. It’s great because it’s so different and, if being honest, outdated!

Outdated is good.

Uncluttered by soon to be obsolete tech and general stodge.

I don’t want to steal Simons FS thread and hope he gets what he wants for the car. But as a serial car buyer I can only say the S1 Exige is perfect for me. I’ve had 911’s, AM Vantages and a load of fast things. I daily a Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid as my work and family wagon which is ridiculously competent if not very frugal. When I’ve run a 911 or AM etc in parallel the gap between a good daily (and could as easily be a modern BM or Audi or alike) is just too close. The feel too similar I’m not getting enough extra or different. The Exige is totally removed as an experience so getting it out is a joy. It’s devoid of immediate comparison to any daily driver. So it’s totally fresh and never feels expected or drab.

It’s effectively a modern classic, new enough to be reliable for a proper trip, but old enough to be an experience and have a sniff of nostalgia about it.

It’s accessible if you want to tinker a bit with your spanner’s. And if you get caught up in life and it gets parked up for a bit, it’s not loosing money, and it isn’t costing a fortune in servicing and consumables annually to own one. I have no guilt if I drive it and none of I can’t.

Most know I’m on my 3rd S1 and on selling I realised the mistake, lots of flasher metal to buy, but to get the joy out of driving a modern sports car you need to be moving pretty fast, and in today’s society that comes with a whole raft of risks and social pressures. You can drive an exige at 50mph and be having the time of your life.

As an advert for Simons car or any other S1 I’d say it’s an antidote to the legion of modern sports cars that are effectively a generic recipe. Exige are flawed, they are noisy and smelly and made of glue and plastic. But they provide a visceral and consuming experience that leaves them removed from anything driven daily.

I used to leave my AM in the garage because the Cayenne generally gave me the same or more without having to fuss about. Getting the lotus out I know is unique.

I hope Simon does really well. As long as I can keep getting in and out I hope there is an S1 in my garage. Worse case I’m often happy just looking at them too!

Wonderful summing up, gonein60seconds. Anyone looking at Simon’s S1 post and reading your comments will know just what the car means and offers.

uncertain career currently means I just can’t commit to buying an S1, this would really fit the bill if I could, damn it…

One day Ade :+1::+1:

Great, that’s what I was saying, but better articulated.

On another level, a Fiesta red with 140hp 1 litre 3 cylinder engine is stonking good fun, I purchased one for my son.

Are there any more details available on this? Have had a look on PH and couldn’t see one that matched and am interested.

Hi James

A few S1 Exiges have appeared on PH in the last week so was holding fire on listing mine on there.

Happy to send some pics if you want to Pm me your email address.



Hi Simon,

I haven’t got enough posts to PM you unfortunately. If you can PM me and send me your email address I will email you.