S1 Exige For Sale

Selling my S1 Exige

Offers over £45k invited.

Owned and serviced by me from 2002 - I am the 2nd owner

• Lotus Exige S1, registered November 2000
• 190BHP
• New Aluminium
• Sports seats with harnesses
• Alcantara trim
• CF Airbox


Eliseparts Alibells
Pagid RS42 all round
Quick Release Momo Steering Wheel - original Alcantara trimmed wheel included
Nitron Suspension
Eliseparts Toe Links
New set of Toyos just fitted

I bought this car in 2002 with 2k miles on the clock, at 66k miles the hgf failed so installed a spare VHPD which still resides in the car and goes like stink :slight_smile: - the original engine will be included with the sale of the car.

I’m a total Lotus enthusiast and have serviced all my 16 (to date) Lotus cars and consider they are better looked after than at main Lotus dealers - witnessed by the fact that I have sorted many friends Lotus.

The car was subject to an article in Classic and Sportscar pitching it against the Noble N400 by Steve Sutcliffe - a copy of the mag and calender featuring the car will be included. I have over 200 High Res pictures from the day.

Reg number S1 EXG is included in the sale

The car is HPI clear and still sports the original paintwork - I have considered respraying but it would spoil the enjoyment :laughing:

I have all MOT certificates that verify the mileage, and the car has never been SORN

The car is in good mechanical condition with no rusty suspension parts below.

Selling due to lack of use and other projects beckoning,

No daft offers will be entertained and please note that offers are invited above £45k.

Thanks for looking - please pm me if you require pics before I place it for sale on P/Heads next week…




Wow. Good luck with the sale Simon.

End of an era

Good luck with sale Simon.

You bringing it to Anglesey?

Simon, stop this stupidity right now :wink:

Noooo Simon.

If it’s gotta go it’s gotta go but…

Sorry guys but unfortunately with a very, very heavy heart have made up my mind

What a brilliant 15 years of ownership this has been - met the most fantastic, best folk you could ever wish to meet - thankyou all :slight_smile:

BUT it’s not sold yet - although I have received an email offer from Japan :smiley: - exiges.com is everywhere :mrgreen:

Sad to hear it’s going but good luck with the sale. If it goes abroad make sure you get that reg number off it as that’s got to be worth a few quid on it’s own (I for one would be interested!)


Oh, no! As you might recall, it’s partly down to you that I bought one in the first place. Seeing yours at Donington, looking so low, mean and purposeful, just piled on the desire. But, far from blaming you, I have to thank you.

You have a PM Simon!!

Enquiring about his health?

Is that my air box you have on it?


You saw straight through me thommo! :clap:

I am now a happily stable and ‘matured’ Evora owner… well at least when I get back ‘home’ and collect the thing! :confused:

:smiley: :smiley:

The nurse forgets to give me my medication and look what happens :slight_smile:

Too much mediicine, more likely

Had an encouraging response with 3 firm offers - really surprising as only advertised it on here so far :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to do a deal that reinstates the original motor and liberates my old one, I’d be up for a discussion…


Need to move on to make room for the next car purchase :slight_smile:

Getting far to old to get in and out - car that is!