S1 Exige For Sale

Another race car Simon? or a Mclaren :open_mouth: :smiley: :smiley:

Lol - you saw the rather inebriated post then :wink: - but you are not far off - they are epic cars and what Lotus should now be producing :slight_smile: Prob is the better half is after a more luxury barge - havn’t ruled an Evora out yet tho’ :slight_smile:

Evora’s are great cars :>)

Plenty of Lotus DNA there… they can dance about really well on the real world twisty bits. :>)

Seriously my Exige is now genuinely up for sale as its replacement is set for March 2019 :slight_smile: - sadly it will not be a Lotus :frowning:

The advert will be listed on PH in the coming weeks - in many ways I hope it doesn’t sell :slight_smile:

Time for a mclaren Simon?

Absolutely Rob looking at a 570s - they are absolutely epic cars ( had one on loan recently) and what i reckon the Lotus Exige should have become

Biggest prob is the ‘better’ half prefers AM - currently working on this :wink:

Oh no Simon, not again :frowning: but if you do have to sell the S1, McLaren is the way to go, can you not convince Tina to go for the 600LT :smiley: Totally agree with you that Lotus should be producing cars that McLaren are :unamused:

600LT is IMHO the best car out there at the mo’ - who knows :wink:

Good man. Evora is epic. I don’t know if you could still order a GT430 Sport, but a GT410 would do especially as a well known dealer could map it beyond 430 reliably :wink: You would also save a fortune on depreciation and service costs compared to a McLaren. A bit of a no brainer imho :sunglasses:


That is my greatest problem :crazy: - jumping off the Lotus ship after 40+ years :slight_smile:

Don’t then. I love my Evora. It has had a TVS1900 upgrade but otherwise still standard. Too fast for the road now really, but a truly fantastic car. I will never part with it.

I know - called in at Lotus Silverstone last month - what a totally marvellous dealership btw :slight_smile: - the Evora has evolved from an ugly ducking into a swan :slight_smile:

Spoiler on the 430 was - well a bit of a spoiler :wink:

I love to swan around in my S1 :mrgreen:

Blimey is the world sooo full of timewasters?

Exige no longer for sale - but will have a garage mate in March :slight_smile: and will be a true Brit :slight_smile:

Good news of sorts then Simon…

Great news!