S1 Exige #501

I thought I ought to put something up in owners cars. I’ve been a member of Exige’s.com at a guess for 12 or more years.

This is my third S1 Exige, and along the way I’ve had a standard S1 Elise and 111S and a Sport160 too. I made a huge mistake by selling my previous Cobalt Blue S1 3 years ago given some mounting bills through a building project, spent 2 years trying to buy it back but never quite made it - but came ever so close!

But I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, blue has made way for B05 Mustard Yellow. I was a bit nervous about the colour ahead of buying but in the flesh it’s :heart_eyes::sunglasses:.

We’re still getting to know one another, as the deal was done during lockdown but I only completed at the end of July once movement was a little easier, and I collected the car 1st Aug, so missed the empty lockdown roads and the heatwave :persevere::persevere:! But plenty of time ahead.

Spec wise, from factory;

Original Mustard Yellow
190 VHPD
Black Alcantara interior
Motorsport Seats and Harnesses
OEM Exige black matts
Air-Con :roll_eyes:
Carbon Airbox
Original Factory fitted radio (won’t be getting used)
Exige sill plates
Exige black gear knob
Exige black alloy oil filler cap
Exige cam cover plate
Lotus black alloy wonder handles

Non standard

Ohlins 3 way adjustable suspension
Lotus power rear diffuser
Sparco Alcantara steering wheel
2tubular exhaust
Emerald M3DK ECU
Pro sport alloy fuel tank

It’s 25k miles, full history and just in lovely lovely condition.

Brilliantly it’s come with all its original parts, where there’s been any upgrades and a file of receipts from new which was a real bonus.

Have told my wife regardless of future projects and plans the Exige this time is staying put… :joy::+1:

Look forward I hope to seeing a few others out and about and I hope a few events.

Through this community I’ve managed to pick up an OEM motorsport steering wheel and snap off kit so will fit that at some point (I actually like the sparco Alcantara for now). But thanks all for the help with that.

And Simon Scott-Russell has given it a peace of mind once over and a fresh service this week then it’s back to just enjoying it :sunglasses::+1:

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That looks fantastic!

Ill enjoy following this thread!

Looks great :thumbup:

Probably a stupid question, but does the aircon work at all? Mine’s also an AC car but I’ve never put any effort into getting it working (I know it’s notoriously ineffective). I also have an Emerald fitted now and in theory it can support the AC functions.

Your car is pretty much the same as mine, even a 51 plate. I don’t have the black winders, gear knob or sill covers, otherwise “snap”.I do have what I suspect is a hgf after a day out at Dony last week, Gavin will confirm on the 2nd.

I used an emerald ecu for a couple of years but it now runs perfectly on the standard ecu. The aircon does not work and I have tried to fix it. It pumps cold into the heater box but nothing much cold comes out of the vents. Annoying because it’s do simple.

In the garage with a spare engine in front of it. My favourite U.K. track on the wall.


Absolutely love the look of the S1 in yellow. :thumbup:


Sensible question - but no it’s crap. I may investigate getting it recharged though, as I think it’s even more ineffective than I expected. My blue car had it removed so don’t have a benchmark for comparison.

Best with the HGF, at least you’ve spotted it early so hopefully a straightforward repair for you. My car has had it’s replaced too.

It’s lumpy as a VHPD is, but runs nicely on the Emerald, it’s been well set up and been well behaved even in traffic thus far.

The AC is crap. And it’s hot, so love it if that wasn’t the case.

Fantastic car! I never tire of seeing them. Still look as great as they did 20years ago! :thumbup:

S1 still looking good Keith :thumbup: hope its not the dreaded HGF :angry:

Thanks Mark. Gavin will fix whatever it is.

No reason, just some gratuitous photos, still in lockdown, but pulled Exige out of its winter hibernation since last year for a good clean up. It’s still on SORN but assuming some normal is returning in April and hopefully some more sun it’s ready and raring to go :sunglasses::+1:

The S1 looks fantastic. In yellow its sublime.

I’d have to agree

Yours might tip the balance based on the rear wing stickers!

Good spot there, Andy. You must have 20-20 vision

That is good eyes, I knew what I was looking for and still had to look twice !

Hopefully we’ll get the Exige’s meet at C&M off the ground and can see them together :+1:

That would be be great! Can’t come too soon

6am start. 2 hours across fantastic b-roads. I haven’t driven the car since last year. It takes me 15-20 mins to find my feet with it again after that long, just to get sense of the inputs to not overdrive it or try to hard and then… it all clicks and then honestly all I can think is “what a ***king car”… it really is fantastic.

I know people fuss about the prices or the mileage but they just need to be driven and enjoyed, I’m staggered by how the car improves and opens up its abilities with a proper run.

Hope everyone’s gets a few runs out with the Easter Weekend :+1:

Well done, that man!
I spent part of yesterday wrestling with the DVLA website trying to tax mine. Failed at every turn until this morning.
So tomorrow, all being well, I will let the cycling club pedal without me and take a drive.

Taxed mine yesterday thommo, first ever run out in it last night :+1::grin: