S Wales Track Day with Andrew Walsh

As some of you saw from a post in a recent thhread I was having a discussion with Andrew Walsh (from 1stLotus) about organising a track day in S Wales (possibly Llandow). It will be for 4 cars with exclusive use of the circuit and shared use of Andrew. Here is an excerpt from his mail:

“Track training is possibly a day in the first week of Feb. or then first week of march Monday or Friday.
Price is �175 each based on 4 people sharing the track and me for the day.”

I think Friday would be neat since it could then include a w/e in Wales. I plan to stay at a nicish hotel in the Brecons that has a spa that can keep the bird entertained whilst I go out to play…Are there three other Exiges out there up for it???


Count me in please - Definate.


Gotta check the diary and that the insurance co do Llandow (or similar) but - “Yep!”

Friday in March sounds good.

That’s three!


Yeah March is good … make it March

I’ll take another place !!

OK so it looks like the takers are me, AndyD, IDG and Mike Lane. I have fired off a note to Andrew Walsh booking Friday 5th March. I am guessing that you will need to all contact 1stLotus to part with some cash but I will confirm that with Andrew. I am guessing that he is having time out so I may not hear back until after Christmas.

Should be a good day…

Merry Christmas


Ben … Ben … Hellooooo


Me too, me too!

Perhaps he’s just letting the sun burn go down.


Well some Elise guys have booked the 4th - http://forums.seloc.org/viewthread.php?tid=15952



You should have had mail …

I had various mails following Andy’s intervention, and am now happily booked for the day, with confirmations from 1st Lotus.

Well done Andy - a star as always

Ooops, on return from holiday about 1000emails, triple-booked diary for two weeks and my house transformed into a building site. So gents, many apologies but I have only just gotten around to checking exiges.com and contacting 1stLotus . Seems that you chaps have sorted it all out in my absence,…I have dropped you all a mail to confirm anyhow.

I have not driven my batmobile since New Years Day,… it is holidaying in Warks until the rubble gets cleared from my drive.

Welcome back

Cheers Mike, good to be back. Cannot wait to get back in the Exige and looking forward to my first exiges.com event…first of many me thinks…

Sorted - Insurance cover arranged and I’ve paid the man!


Hey guys when and where exactly is this hapening, I think I might get the day off work and have ride out in my new toy and bring the movie camera.
Cheers Steve.

5th March @ Llandow circuit (20 miles West of Cardiff).


Cheers Ian,
I have just got myself a Elise 111s so I’m looking for excuses to have time off work to go playing. I probably see you all there.


I believe the day is limited to 4 cars, but I’m sure you’d be able to enjoy viewing our (um?) skill(!?).