Rubber ducky rubber ducky! Convoy to Croft! Yeeha!

Okey dokey,

Just to get the ball rolling and stop Pesky flipping out (all the time! Like a ninja!) we should get a convoy going oop north to Croft.

So we’re staying the night before I take it.

So I see two options, leave early wednesday and go the nice place and soak up some of the ambience / bar. So have a whole afternoon to chill etc.

Or leave a little later and get there for the evening and hit a TravelLodge type place.

But if we try and co-ordinate a little we could all meet up on the A1 at different stages and end up with a nice big convoy honk honk


What do people fancy doing?

That’s a big 10:4 from me… [image][/image]

My vote goes for going up early and chilling out…

Oh alright, I’ll take a half day on the Wednesday!

So everybody up for meeting at Newport Pagnell (or the like) at 2ish?


ps. Ben, do you OWN that signed Burt pic?!

Im up for meeting early, i live in surbiton i think i may be quite close to Benja and Escaper, but will meet at Newport Pagnell otherwise.

‘Cause we got a great big convoy
Rockin’ through the night.
Yeah, we got a great big convoy,
Ain’t she a beautiful sight?
Come on and join our convoy
Ain’t nothin’ gonna get in our way.
We gonna roll this exige’ convoy
'Cross the U-K.


Im up for meeting early as well

I think im also fairly close to a few of you (living just outside Richmond at the moment) but Toddington/Newport Pagnel services would be fine

Sounds like a plan - will like wise take a half day but can we aim to arrive around 2 for a 2.30 leave ? By the time I get out of the city at 12 and ‘saddle up the horses’ its going to be pushing it a bit to get there for 2 …

Ok now to find ‘stables’ - where are we staying - clowbeck ???


10:4 over, reading you all loud and clear! The smokey on my six and I’m cooking on gas!

YeeeHa! This is gonne be one mighty convoy :grin

Has anyone got any PMR radios? I doubt you’d be able to hear them in the exige but could be worth a laff I remember do a 3 car convoy down to Cornwall with them and doing a “Gone in 60 seconds” style quiz

And how long will it take to get to Croft from Newport Pagnell?

Hey Guys

You’ve got to get more than 12 together to beat the convoy we had to Anglesey (from Lllangollen) in 2002

According to AA, 3hr 37min

0.00 0.00 B526 Start out at Newport Pagnell,Bucks
Follow signs Milton Keynes B526, Motorway (M1)
1.00 1.00 A509 Tickford Roundabout
At roundabout take 2nd exit A509 (signposted Milton Keynes)
2.40 1.40 M1 Junction with M1
At roundabout take 3rd exit to join Motorway M1 (signposted The North)
17.70 12.60 M1 Junction 15A (NORTHAMPTON SERVICE AREA)
36.00 7.20 M1 Junction 19 (M6)

TRAFFIC BLACKSPOT - CALL 401 100 from your mobile*
39.40 3.40 M1 Junction 20 (A4303/A4304)
58.40 6.90 M1 Junction 22 (A511)
Travelodge (Leicester - Markfield)
TRAFFIC BLACKSPOT - CALL 401 100 from your mobile*
74.20 15.80 M1 Junction 25 (A52)
Forward (signposted The North, Sheffield, Leeds)
Travelodge (Nottingham -Trowell)
110.20 4.90 M18 Junction 32 (M18)
Branch left to join M18 (signposted The North, Doncaster)
119.30 9.10 A1(M) Junction 2 (A1(M))
Branch left and at roundabout take 1st exit to join A1(M) (signposted The North)
127.20 7.90 A1 Junction 38 (Red House)
End of Motorway Forward to join A1
128.00 0.80 A1 Travelodge (Doncaster)
130.90 2.90 A1 BARNSDALE BAR SERVICES (not shown)
Travelodge (Pontefract Barnsdale) (Opp Carriageway)
136.00 5.10 A1 Junction with M62
FERRYBRIDGE SERVICE AREA Travelodge (Pontefract Ferrybridge)
145.20 9.20 A1(M) Start of Motorway
Join Motorway A1(M)
148.20 3.00 A1 Junction 45 (A64)
End of Motorway Keep forward A1 (signposted The North)
157.80 9.60 A1(M) Junction with A1(M)
Forward to join Motorway A1(M)
170.30 12.50 A1 Junction 49 (A1/A618)
Forward A1
192.10 21.80 A1 Travelodge (Skeeby)
194.80 2.70 A1 Scotch Corner (Junction with A66/A6108)
Travelodge (Scotch Corner)
196.60 1.80 A1(M) Junction 56 (A1(M)/B6275)
Forward to join Motorway A1(M) (signposted Darlington, Newcastle)
199.00 2.40 A66(M) Junction with A66(M)
Branch left to join A66(M) (signposted Darlington, Teesside)
201.10 2.10 A66 End of Motorway
At roundabout take 1st exit A66 then cross River Tees
201.80 0.70 A167 Junction with A67/A167
At roundabout take 4th main exit A167 (signposted Northallerton) In 2.2 miles bear right and cross River Tees
204.34 2.54 A167 Continue forward onto Tees View - A167
Entering Croft On Tees
205.64 1.30 Uncl. Turn right onto West Lane
206.11 0.47 Uncl. Croft Motor Racing Circuit
206.76 0.65 Uncl. Finish at DL2 2PL,Dalton On Tees

      • Section time 3:37, Total time 3:37

Ah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck. You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c’mon? Ah, yeah, 10-4, Pig Pen, fer shure, fer shure. By golly, it’s clean clear to Flag Town, c’mon. Yeah, that’s a big 10-4 there, Pig Pen, yeah, we definitely got the front door, good buddy. Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy…

Count me in…

Pesky’s right, we’re never gonna beat that convoy. Exige county, views to match, starting out at the Dr Who exhibition and being attacked by a muck spreader on the way! Still, this one will be further! And it’ll be easier to keep together!

Escaper, says it should take an hour from Marble Arch. I’m leaving at about 12ish too, which is why I said NP at 2. Still worried? Perhaps we could leave the City together, that might be a first and turn some heads!

Does anybody know Pagnell? Is it a better meeting place than the Watford Gap?


So no one thinks they could get the whole day off? I was thinking of leaving earlier…

But otherwise it’ll be cool by me

Unless my new lady friend fancies a longer stay (and a trackday for that matter… She may hate the prospect )

I will be taking the whole day off.


Mark, are you really going to risk your relationship on meeting us lot?!


Ian… Now that’s a very good point extremely well made

But if she likes me then she must have something wrong in her head LOL! Who knows mate, it may not even happen yet, all early days and I’m being hopelessly optimistic (Read as, soppy [email protected])

Might well join up at Woodall Services to help you cross the border into Yorkshire - I speak the language

Do they do Optimax? Sounds like a fuel stop to me.


Dunno Ian but I will find out

ill meet up somewhere along the M1. Im off on the Wednesday so i dont mind a time. Ill might wait at the service station near junction 17 on the M1 else ill be driving down the M1 to come back up. Im sure id hear you coming as long as i know approx what time!

what dya’all intend doin’ on Thur night ?..