Rolling Road Results

Was at Noble Motorsports yesterday to have rolling road session, many other cars there including a number of Elises of various stages of tune. Was very impressed with one S2 111S standard apart from air filter gave 177bhp. Most cars seemed to give round about what was expected.Reason for post is that was a tad disappointed with my Exiges results peaked at only 174bhp. The car was supposed to have had the 190bhp upgrade when I bought - hmmn got me wondering… is there any way of telling without taking to dealers whether this upgrade has been carried out?

hmmm…as far as I know, the ECU’s look exactly the same…on the other hand, you will never get 190 bhp if you only use theoriginal 190 ECU. I think Russ had his beaston the RR at Emerald’s (about 2 years ago? do a search) before doing the swapto the Emerald ECU and never got 190 bhp. even with the Emerald, I think he had only 189 bhp (Russ?) but the driveability is much improved [image][/image] later,Bruno

Simon, At Emerald (impossible to compare, but everybody seems to trust the RR), I got 172 in standard trim - I never had the official upgrade. After fitting the Emerald, I got 189. On a subsequent trip, with cams, bodies, exhaust etc, I got 200.HTH Russ

Thanks Russ, Bruno - intend to speak with Ribble Valley Lotus tomorrow as they supplied and serviced it for the previous owner - just to see what their records show… However with a ‘mere’ 174bhp it is more than quick enough for me [image][/image]Cheers Simon

SimonPart of the 190 upgrade is a change to an 82 degree thermostat. So if your average temperature is about 80-82 that at least indicates something has been changed.If its still at 86-88 then you could question if the 190 was done … HTHAndrew

AndrewTemp reads 80 to 82 most of the time. Car came with a spare camshaft pulley, air filter and a few other bits and bobs (no ecu) - changed apparently when 190 upgrade carried out. Nobles reckoned car was running v rich…Cheers for infoSimon

quote:Originally posted by simon: Nobles reckoned car was running v rich…Now that sounds like it has the 190 ECU !!

My 190 car at Emerald rolling road made 174 as well!Cheers

MmmmmNow we all start thinking was the 800 quid upgrade money well spent [image][/image] We also could think do Lotus have an good answer and does trade descriptions cover performance upgrades … Mmmmmm - I think I’ll take a visit to a RR near me just for fun either Hi-Tech or Aldon

Just had my car serviced by a Barry Ely (my local Lotus specialist � seems very good BTW) and he reckons my 190 upgrade makes no difference in drivability to his standard Exige. Whilst I have a the cat replacement pipe fitted � she still runs at 86-88 C. Makes me wonder if my car has had the upgrade, Barry Ely wanted half an hours labour (pretty cheap at �22.5) to verify the installation by checking the 101 degree inlet camshaft pulley and testing the ECU. However the car was sold to me spec�d as a 190 � so I am hoping to get a copy of the upgrade invoice from the Lotus dealer who allegedly carried out the work. �Leon

Ribble Valley Lotus have confirmed my Exige has had the 190 upgrade and ecu recall. Must look around the garage for that missing 16bhp - must have got lost…

SimonResults do look a bit odd for a 111s with filter to give more than a VHPD - Have you got the Supersport Exhaust and Cat Rep Pipe?Anyone else any more encouraging results or have we all been conned?Cheers, Tim

I think lotus are aware that the 190 conversion doesn’t give the full 190bhp.Some time back when at Williams Autos in Bristol while having some issues checked on my Exige there was another Exige there and the owner was having an interesting conversation with the chap that had come down from Lotus. Basically his car had been on a rolling road three times between visits to the dealer and each time it was well below 190bhp. The car had been tweaked between rolling road visits but on the final visit was still only making around 184bhp. I heard the engineer from Lotus tell him that this was within the tolerances that lotus set and that nothing else could be done to improve it.The car also had the sports exhaust and decat fitted.When I quizzed the service centre some time later as to whether it was worth getting the 190 conversion done I was told it wasn�t worth it and that unless the car was being used on a track there would be no noticeable power increase.HTH

My 177 was measured at 174 at Emerald last year. Finally booked it in for its 190 which is being done now.All of the above makes me wonder if I’m throwing �600 away…Bugger!

Tim - has sports exhaust and cat rep pipe… Out of interest anyone, does std car have 172bhp or 177bhp?Cheers

"and that unless the car was being used on a track there would be no noticeable power increase"Simon - you see when the Exige 190 sees a “track” it magically makes 16hp more !!!So simple why didn’t they tell us ??

"and that unless the car was being used on a track there would be no noticeable power increase"My car isn�t used on a track, so what he was saying was that I wouldn�t personally see any benefits in my normal day to day use but if I where using the car on a track uninhibited then I would get the full benefits of the upgrade.Just as a matter of interest, those of you that are having / had the upgrade. Was it mentioned that the 190 kit is sold by lotus for �track use only�?

I do not agree, i think that u have a big improvement also on the road because the midrange torque is increased substantially.Nicolas

My point was that it was stupid statement by Lotus.Look either an engine produces 190 BHP or it doesn’t, there may be factors, air temperature, pressure, etc etc but you won’t get more just because its on a track will you ? Don’t get me wrong numbers are not everything - but if you pay 800 quid for 13BHP you expect to get it don’t you ? and if you don’t ? … what sit back and enjoy the experience ? I dont think so …

Yep with you Miniman - either lotus are over-optimistic (or overegged capabilities)with upgrade or standard spec is not 172bhp (or 177bhp or whatever). It was disappointing tho’ to see engine peak on rollin road somewhat short of expectations. Incidentally the torque figures were less than the couple of Sports 160s there. Still love the silver monster to bits tho’ [image][/image]