Remote Thermostat question


No air con right

Anyways - is it fitted on the drivers side

These are questions - I’m using a Czech keyboard and cannot find the sign …

Also just had the Eliseparts rem Stat fitted, first used on Sat @ Dunsfold/Plans. I did notice the temp drop to low 70’s for a time but then stayed mid to high 70’s for the remainig laps.

Who’s out there with remote stats (eliseparts)… And does your temp still hit 60’s / 70’s when 7000 rpm +

My temp normally sits somewhere between 80-84 degrees when driving normally. It’s very stable until I reach high rpm.

Andy, took me a while to figure out what your message meant

Yup, no Con Air.
It was fitted by Nick Whale’s. I haven’t actually looked to see where it is. Can anybody give me a clue as to where to look?

Yeah - sorry about that …

You need to look under the car, I think Drivers side, at the back end under the rear of the sill, where the pipes exit the sill - should be some shiny new silicone hoses and an aluminium can …

Thanks Andy, I’ll take a peek this evening.

Yup, found it last night. Right hand side, underneath the alternator. So, what does that tell us?

Yup, found it last night. Right hand side, underneath the alternator. So, what does that tell us?

Well Nick Whale really did fit it

Thought i would post this as it is something i queried after fitting the remote stat and noticing the temp was ever so slightly higher than before.

The remote stat is an 87 degree stat, but Geary assured me it runs pretty close to 82, which i can confirm, When i asked if i could fit the 82 stat he said the unit was not replaceable but they were looking at making them that the stat could be changed.

Mine sticks at about 80 - 84 degrees on the track. I have the Elise parts Remote stat.

On track there is no problem with the standard set up IMO
I find once I’ve let it stablise that mine doesnt move off 80-82 while on track, with standard 82 stat.

On the road its a different matter, the chugging along in traffic sees the high 90’s and fans coming on and then if you nail it it drops dramatic down to 70 ish.

I never do that now, I always take it easy after its “chugged” - tha same on track, I always take a few slow laps to get some stable temp.

Read this site HERE

It explains the whole process quite well … not however why the Eliseparts one in Brendans case is dropping - I suspect the cold weather we have and the wind chill is highlighting any issue …

So just for information …

It seems the Rover ( or Land Rover actually ) remote PRRT stat can be fitted to Aircon cars because its on the outlet side of the engine

So this is a project for a weekend sometime …

yep, and it works better than the remote stat

Honestly guys, share the wealth!

Andy, how did you confirm this? Phil how do you know this?!

I want to do this too. I’ve asked Plans to investigate but they haven’t come back to me yet.


Got all you’ll need to know…

I may also try and get an oil cooler off a rover v6 like in this thread: SELOC Forums

Thanks (although I knew that). I wanted to hear tales of sightings/first hand experience!


Well sod ya then!

runs off crying

But seriosuly now, I mean c’mon like… I dunno. But it’s Rover solution to stop the HGF’s so I’d imagine it’s had quite a bit of deveopment and testing as after watchdog I think the HGF problemw ould have cost them a small fortune… Or maybe a large one!

K series HGF fix in Rover downfall shocker!

I’m sure you are very right Mark. I just want to hear about people that have done it to they Exige/Elise.


Its really a Ford solution for Freelander HGF …

I’m gonna try it Ian, lets discuss at Croft with Steve and Martin ?

Include me too please - I would like an ‘Air con’ remote stat solution for, my car. Thanks

I have fitted the Elise parts remote thermostat, and even though I have removed my air con compressor I am 100% certain it would have still all fitted ok with the compressor on.