Rear bulkhead connector pinout

Hi guys,
in one of my two Exiges I’m struggling to find a problem with the crank sensor and I found that there should be a problem with wiring.
To locate the problem it I’m looking for the rear bulkhead connector pinout but I did not find anything in the net.
Is some of you able to help me?


Pins 46 & 47 on the wiring diagram, which ties in with the list in this thread:

The 47k resistor is in the loom, fairly close to the ECU connector.

The black and white wires from the Crankshaft Position Sensor go to pins 47 & 46 respectively of the 48 pin bulkhead connector. From there they go to pins 79 and 73 respectively of the ECU connector.

About 100mm before the white wire is terminated into the ECU connector pin 73, there is a 47K Ohm 1/4w resistor crimped inline.

The CPS output is an AC voltage, not easily picked up with a multimeter, I used an oscilloscope to measure the voltage.

Not sure how you diagnosed the wiring issue, but when I had an issue with the original CPS, I observed the following when cranking the engine over:

  • The rev counter did not indicate approximately 200rpm.
  • The fuel pump did not run after initial fuel rail priming.
  • There was no spark from the spark plug.

Hope this helps.

Guys many thanks.
It helped me. After checking the connector I noticed that one pin was not as long as the other. This made an unsafe contact. After repositioning the pin the sensor was ok.

How I managed to find the source of the problem?
The car was cranking but not starting. I have an Emerald and connected the PC to the ECU. While cranking I noticed that the ECU was not able to see the engine was cranking.
Measuring the resistance of the wires I saw something like 2MOhms. The sensor is around 1300Ohms. Did not know about the 47KOhms resistor but after recovering the connector I measured 48300 Ohms, I quickly came to the conclusion that there should be a resistor as 47k+1300 is exactly 48300. 47 is one of the numbers resitor have. :slight_smile: