Question for s2 exigers with uprated intercooler?

Im thinking about getting the uprated forge intercooler from seriously lotus but have been told that the standard single strut wont fit as the intercooler in larger. A couple of options are the double struts that lotus fitted on the cup cars or something like this has anyone got any experience of these or any other options?

My cup car has a single poxy bit of thin metal to hold the engine lid up. :angry:
I think someone on here had a problem and managed to get some different fittings for the Forge to make it fit.
I’ve been trawling the threads on the Forge trying to decide what to do

The forge is great and proven, just do it. I do not have a boot strut at all now and have managed without no problem.
One day I’ll probably get the RLS prop rod. Do you hve any info on yours Chris?

I have the forge and single strut, it fits, just !

Boothy - sorry not really. Just a single piece of black rod that locks into the engine lid.
Its connected right in the middle of the bottom of the engine bay.
Simple poxy standard LS design - I supose it’s light though !!!

Wonder if the MMG will fit better, i’m curious how much its going to cost.

Ive found the forge for �584.86

Get the FORGE from seriously LOTUS!

The strut cover is the least of your worries! The gains MORE than outweigh holding your engine cover open!

I have the earlier twin struts, but want to take them off as the push up the edges of my cover!

The RLS ‘prop’ is great… but a bit 10p of wooden dowel does the same job! AS soon as I can get my twins off, I will be spending my 10p! :smiley:

Not if its big enough, the reason they hit the strut is down to the size of the core and all three uprated IC’s (lotus sport/forge/RLS) currently available have the same issue as they are all a similar size.


Do you notice power gains running stock 220 map?

YES !!!

Thanks :slight_smile: is it easy to fit? Looks simple…?

YES! :slight_smile:

ha, cheers

Takes 1-2 hours …(30mins if you rush)
Eliminates the ecu intervention that is so pronounced in summer after slow running in traffic .
Eliminates the horrible “hole in the map” sensation when changing gears…
Consistently achieves 10+ bhp on dyno

Not cheap , but is a pre-requisit to
further changes …

Another proven option is the proalloy cc .

Im soooo tempted, wasnt sure what todo next, ic or 2bular header as already have stage 3 so I thought 2bular would finish that side of the engine. So far…

Stage 3
OMP boss and kubic wheel

My list to do, is IC, header, not sure whether to do sports cat or bypass, but then it would be illegal with bypass, and in the event of an accident I guess insurance wouldnt pay out if it was a serious one and if they had an investigator. Although investigator would have to understand what modifications where what but then I prefer to stay on the right side. Tend to have crap luck like that.

With header and ic done, it would be then be 550 injectors and remap…

IMO . Priority has to be a decent cooler … either Forge or proalloy …
A standard “S” is crying out for cooler air ,so, theres a starting point…

once fitted , you won’t regret a better cooler …

MMG has two types of intercooler now , stage one is this one
This is a better core than the forge for the same money .
Stage two is with the Marston Aerospace core and made to order , both stage one and two fit with no mods needed and clear the strut .
Give Liam at MMG a call , top bloke.

Nice one, what does a better core equate to? More performance? Soz for the stoopid question.

What does the stage 2 have over the stage 1?

[quote=moomin]This is a better core than the forge for the same money .

Before makeing a comment like that can you proove that with fact’s and figures? ie both company’s IC’s up against each other, same car, same day? If not I would suggest you cannot say its better.
Forge used that core after testing various cores on the car and found that one top work the best on the exige. Also there is not real answer to the old tube and fin / bar and plate argument because different people have different opinions.


Looking at the MMG stage one its the same size as the stock cooler but bar and plate thus clearing the strut, the Forge is also bar and plate but larger than that.